Bespoke Manifestation for eBrit Services

Whilst manifestation is a legal requirement, some planning and imagination can also see it used to serve a number of additional useful and aesthetically pleasing  purposes. 

Glass manifestation is required as part of building regulations to ensure that glass of a certain size is visible. By placing markings on the glass, the glazing becomes apparent and prevents people from accidentally colliding with it. Legislation dictates at what points manifestation must feature on glass, but there is no restriction on what form the manifestation should take.

This means manifestation provides an opportunity to create a bespoke design for windows and glass, and having finished an office refurbishment, it was an opportunity Harefield based Ebrit Services were keen to make the most of.

The Requirement

 Ebrit’s stylish office facility features a number of full length glass partitions, with the size and location of the glazing meaning that manifestation was required. Whilst manifestation regulations can be met with a standard design such as dots, squares or stripes, Ebrit were keen to maximise the opportunity to add a bespoke element to their glazing.

The Window Film

 Frostbrite frosted film is a popular film for manifestation as it is long lasting and durable as well as providing a clear contrast between the film and the untreated glass. Frostbrite can also be printed onto in full colour, making the film fully customisable. After an initial consultation, it was agreed that the manifestation should take the form of a metre high band. This would meet the legislative requirements, would provide an element of privacy and would also provide a suitable size on which to print a bespoke design.

 In-House Design and Print

 Manifestation provides an ideal opportunity to incorporate branding elements into office space, and this was the option chosen by Ebrit. The company logo was supplied to The Window Film Company’sin-house graphics team, who were able to redraw the artwork, creating an image that was suitable for printing at an enlarged size. With the updated artwork complete, detailed proofs were supplied for approval.  The proofs indicate exactly how the film would look on each piece of glass, giving the client a clear visual representation before the print and installation commences.

With the proofs approved, the design was printed onto Frostbrite frosted film. The film was a metre in height and would be applied to over 20 linear metres of glass.

With the print underway, The Window Film Company’s Operations Team liaised with Ebrit to organise a suitable installation date and time. With the film ready and the date agreed all that remained was the installation. This was carried out by one of our experienced fitting teams, whose qualifications and experience allowed them to fit the film to the highest possible standard, providing one of the final touches to what was an impressive office fit-out project.

The final product ensures that the company meet manifestation requirements, provides an element of privacy for meeting rooms and office space, whilst also ensuring that the Ebrit brand runs throughout the premises, providing an impressive working environment for staff and visitors.