SafetyShield Window Film

Safety and security window film SafetyShield®

SafetyShield window film from Madico is designed to meet the most demanding of situations. The film has been developed and refined over 30 years to deliver the best possible protection against accidental or criminal damage, extreme weather, unlawful entry, explosions and bomb-blasts. 

In the event of a window breaking and giving way, the shards immediately become dangerous and potentially lethal. Research has shown that a single square foot of glass can produce up to 200 razor-sharp fragments.  Whilst window film can’t prevent the causes of broken glass, it provides a hugely effective barrier, making glass harder to break and holding it together in the frame if it does ultimately shatter.

The Madico SafetyShield range of films have been extensively tested at independent facilities, and unlike other films on the market have been designed to not just meet, but exceed international standards. During testing, the films are subjected to explosive charges, shock tube tests and a range of other trials, ensuring that the film delivers the best level of protection possible.

The extensive research, developing and testing that goes into SafetyShield window film has secured its position as one of the most trustworthy films available and has been installed on high profile buildings throughout the world including the Smithsonian in America, the Louvre in France and other high level projects here in the United Kingdom.

The film is available in a range of thicknesses, grades and finishes, each delivering a different appearance and level of appearance. All installations are undertaken by The Window Film Company’s fully trained and experienced fitting teams, who operate throughout the UK. You can learn more about each of the films available by downloading an information sheet below. (Clicking the link will download a PDF document).

SafetyShield 700 Window Film
SafetyShield 800 Window Film
SafetyShield 1500 Window Film

Any safety film project is an important one, so it is vital to get each aspect of the process correct. As experts in the field, The Window Film Company recommend that you contact us directly on 01494 797808 or by emailing to discuss the options for your particular project.

The Window Film Company also install anchoring and attachment systems, which when installed will provide an added layer of protection for your building. For more details on these systems, click on the links below or contact us for more advice.

When it comes to blast mitigation, a risk assessment is always an important part of the process. By carrying out such an assessment, it is possible to identify the type of threat and possible results, enabling us to make the most appropriate suggestion for your situation. If you haven't had a professional risk assessment, The Window Film Company can arrange for one to be completed by an industry expert.

Please note that in our role as an authorised installer of these products, it is The Window Film Company that will suggest the appropriate product or solution for your situation. No installation will take place until the appropriate assessments have been carried out by our team of specially trained experts.