Printed Graphics for London office fit out

The Window Film Company was engaged to print and install a range of bespoke graphics on multiple surfaces as part of the redevelopment of a large office facility in Central London.

Printed graphics from The Window Film Company provide the ideal way of delivering a stylish internal appearance, with products available for covering a multitude of surfaces including, glazing, walls and storage units. This project involved the creation and installation of a range of custom created graphics, replicated on a range of materials, for use in a number of locations throughout a newly refurbished office space.


The client offers stylish and inspirational spaces to hire for use by business and individuals, with the latest venue a prime location in central London. The multi-story facility was undergoing a complete refurbishment ahead of opening and The Window Film Company was engaged to provide stylish printed graphics for application to windows, walls, doors and storage units throughout.

Printed graphics were required that would provide a welcoming, professional and stylish look, meet manifestation requirements and deliver an element of privacy.


The Window Film Company used a number of different printable media and techniques to deliver a bespoke solution for each part of the project.

By printing onto optically clear window film, it was possible to perfectly recreate a set of bright and vibrant graphics, created to represent the client’s branding. By using optically clear film, it was possible to deliver the appearance of cut graphics without the need for cutting, in turn meaning fewer exposed edges once the film was installed.

The printed film was applied to a large number of glass partitions throughout the property, serving to meet manifestation needs. Building regulations stipulate that glass of a certain size (usually floor to ceiling sized panels) require manifestation too ensure that the glass is easily visible to the naked eye, in turn preventing accidents and potential injury. By printing and installing printed graphics to the central section of the glazing, manifestation requirements were met while also giving the glazing a stylish new look. The colourful design also served to provide an element of privacy, preventing an immediate view into the rooms without blocking light.

Long lasting and durable vinyl was used for two further parts of the project, including the creation of signage for each of the many doors throughout the premises. A simple yet clear way of illustrating the name of each door was sought, with the requirement met by precision cutting the name of each room (each room has the name of a year) from white vinyl. This delivered a nice contrast against the blue doors throughout the office, making it immediately clear which room was which.

Another benefit of using printed graphics is that it allows for the decoration of surfaces that might not traditionally have been upgraded. On this occasion, it printed vinyl was used to give a number of cupboard doors a stylish new look, with the vinyl providing a long lasting and durable solution – vital for use on a surface that will be heavily used.


All of the graphics used; the printed optically clear film for use on glass partitions and smaller windows, the cut vinyl to provide signage and the decorative upgrade for the cupboard doors, were printed, cut and prepared in-house by The Window Film Company’s dedicated print and graphics team.

The installation then took place at a time and date carefully planned between the client and The Window Film company’s operations team. The timing of the installation was an important consideration, with a number of other trades due to be on site and the opening of the new facility imminent. The work was completed by a team of The Window Film Company’s fully qualified and vastly experienced fitting teams, installing graphics to over 50 different locations and surfaces throughout the premises.

The end result was an office that boasted a common, stylish theme throughout, representing the brand of the client while also providing an enjoyable and professional feeling environment for those using and visiting the space. Manifestation requirements were met throughout, while each room was easily discernible thanks to the white vinyl.


  • Printed graphics created and installed throughout a two-storey office space.
  • Graphics required for branding, manifestation and privacy.
  • A range of solutions used, including print on optically clear and cut vinyl.
  • All graphics printed, cut, prepared and installed by The Window Film Company.