Clear UV Fade Protection Window Film for Pets Corner

The Window Film Company, working alongside Sussex based signage experts Switch Signs, is proud to have completed an installation at the Amersham branch of Pets Corner – the 20th such project for the popular pet care chain. 

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The recently opened store benefits from an extensive glass frontage, and with valuable stock inside, a solution was sought to provide protection from potentially harmful UV rays.


The Amersham branch of Pets Corner benefits from a large expanse of glass, with the entire frontage of the store comprising full length glass panels. The position of the front facing panes meant that they are in direct sunlight for large parts of the day, meaning that the stock inside was at risk from UV damage.

Fading is caused by three primary factors, UV light, visible light and heat, with UV the single biggest contributing factor (40%). The store owners required a window film solution that would help mitigate against this damage, without blocking the view into the shop – it was important that passers-by enjoy an unobstructed line of sight into the shop.

Long-term collaborators Switch Signs we contacted by the shop owners to provide a solution, and this is where The Window Film Company came in. For this, the 20th joint project, it was agreed that the most suitable solution would be Clear UV window film.


Clear UV is an advanced window film, specially developed to filter out almost all UV rays, blocking 99% of the sun’s ultra-violet light. Importantly for this project, the film is optically clear meaning that it is virtually undetectable when installed to the glass.

The film is effective immediately and can be cleaned using standard cleaning materials; the surface can be cleaned just as standard untreated glass is.


The film was applied to approximately 28 square metres of glass by a team of The Window Film Company’s fully qualified installers. The film was applied to the internal face of the glass to ensure  The work was carried out a time agreed  between the client and The Window Film Company’s dedicated operations team, with the timings agreed to ensure the minimum of disruption to the busy store.

With the film in place, the stock positioned in view of the window immediately benefitted from UV protection, with flooring, fixtures and fittings also benefitting from added protection from potential sun damage.

Project Summary

  • 20th project for Switch Signs and Pets Corner. 
  • Clear UV window film blocks 99% of potentially harmful UV rays. 
  • Clear UV is optically clear; effective without blocking the view.
  • Effective immediately once installed.
  • Film applied to large panes, over 28 square metres.
  • Project completed by fully qualified, experienced installers.