John Lewis Office Graphics, Branding & Office Fit-Out

When a well-known department store undertook an extensive office refurbishment programme, they required a number of decorative and practical solutions including glass manifestation, signage, and the decorating of surfaces and doors. The Window Film Company was able to help with each element.

 With over 15 years of industry experience, The Window Film Company recognise the importance of understanding each client’s specific requirements, so arrangements were made for a site visit. The meeting enabled representatives to see first-hand the areas and surfaces in question, as well as being able to discuss the options available to the client face to face.

 Personalised digital wallpaper

 The first requirement was for the decoration of a number of cupboard doors and walls. Cupboards and doors are frequently overlooked when it comes to the application of decorative products, often remaining untouched and uninspiring. On this occasion they were viewed as an important part of the project, and in printed digital wallpaper, The Window Film Company had the ideal product.

Bespoke Digital Wallpaper

 Digital wallpaper can be printed to feature the images or design of the customer’s choice, creating a truly unique feature. Once printed, the wallpaper can be applied to almost any flat, smooth surface with the paste free application process making it easy to install with the minimum of disruption. The aim of this part of the project was to reproduce a range of images from the company’s history on the walls and doors, giving visitors and staff a true sense of the prestige of the organisation.

 By using state of the art printers, The Widow Film Company were able to guarantee the perfect reproduction of the images on digital wallpaper and the first part of the project was agreed.

 Bespoke Manifestation

 Decorative features play a vital part in the modern office, but window film can also ensure legislative requirements are met. The law requires glass of a certain size and in specific locations to meet certain standards, among them to be easily visible. This is achieved with an application of manifestation.

Whilst there are clear guidelines as to when and where manifestation is required, there are no rules as to how the manifestation should appear other than a minimum size. There are a range of standard manifestation designs available, but it is also possible to create bespoke manifestation, featuring the design of your choice.

On this occasion it was decided that the manifestation should take the form of the company logo, thus using a legal requirement to provide an additional layer of branding to the premises.

Specific Signage

The office is a large one, spread over several floors, so to help staff and visitors navigate comfortably, each floor and section was divided into zones. Each zone had a specific colour, making it easily identifiable, and a solution was needed to make each zone and its colour quickly and easily identifiable.

Large pillars form a major part of the structure and are visible throughout the premises; it was decided that these should play host to the signage. The Window Film Company were able to recommend coloured vinyl as a suitable product. Available in a wide range of columns, vinyl can be cut to exact size and shape specifications, and applied to a variety of surfaces. It was agreed that a variation of the company’s logo would be cut from vinyl, a different colour for each part of the building. The vinyl would then be applied to each column, creating an obvious but aesthetically pleasing signage system.

 Print, cut and installation

The Window Film Company undertake all work in-house, with a dedicated graphics and print team to create, print and cut each job. By carrying out each in-house it is possible to exercise high quality control whilst by using state of the art equipment, it is possible to guarantee the best possible finish for each and every job.

Proofs were provided for each aspect of the job; the wallpaper, the manifestation and the cut vinyl, and with proofs approved, production began. Whilst the film was printed and cut, the Operations team liaised directly with the client to book in a suitable installation date. With a team dedicated solely to logistics, The Window Film Company is able to provide installation dates that suit the client, including weekend visits and after hours working.

The bespoke digital wallpaper gave the area a professional, inspiring and interesting feel, with photographs charting the company’s history helping to forge a bond between the company and the new office. The manifestation ensured legal requirements were met, but by using the company logo it helped the company take ownership of the office and the glazing within it. The signage was bright and bold and served exactly the purpose required of it, with the branding elements used to create the signage further adding to the feeling that the office well and truly belonged to its new occupants.

The project provided a fine illustration of the wide variety of requirements that can be met with window film and associated products. The Window Film Company’s experience and understanding of the industry allows for the best possible advice, the best possible value as well as the most important result of all: the best possible end product.

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 Key Facts:

* Site survey carried out to ensure full understanding of the brief.

* Multiple solutions provided.

* Bespoke products created for each aspect of the job.

* Manifestation printed and installed throughout.

* Digital wallpaper used to decorate traditionally uninspiring surfaces.

* Cut coloured vinyl used as a wayfinding/signage solution.

* All work carried out by in-house teams.