Reduce your Carbon Footprint with Window Film

Window film to help you reduce building cooling, air conditioning and heating system use

Companies and Businesses are coming under increased pressure to reduce the carbon footprint of their premises, and an application of window film from The Window Film Company can help achieve this in a straightforward, cost effective fashion.

An installation of window film can turn your windows into energy efficient glazing, rejecting unwanted solar gain, keeping temperatures at a manageable level and placing less strain on air conditioning. Being less reliant on systems that require a lot of energy can not only result in lower bills, but also reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and your building’s carbon footprint.

Heating and cooling systems in buildings have been identified as one of the major causes of greenhouse gas emissions and with energy saving window films having been proven to lower energy costs for moderating the temperature by up to 30%, the benefits to both the environment and budgets are clear.

To give you an idea of return on investment, The Window Film Company offer an energy efficiency survey, to help detail what you might be able to save on your energy bills. Please visit the relevant section to learn more about this service and to check if your building is suitable.