Printed Wallpaper and Graphics at The Peak Offices

Office branding with printed artwork on wallpaper installed in central London

The Window Film Company is able to offer a range of different printed solutions and a number of such methods were used to create an eye-catching and unique display throughout a central London office. Innovative artwork and high end print technology combined to deliver the impressive culmination to an extensive fit out project.

The beauty of the range of products offered by The Window Film Company is their versatility. By utilising state of the art print technology, high quality inks and advanced films and other printable media, it is possible to create large scale, custom graphics in perfect, crystal clear detail. Three different types of graphics were required for this job, for application to walls, glass doors and full height glass partitions.

Clients are becoming increasingly creative in their artwork choices and this project provided an excellent example. The client wanted to create a brightly coloured theme, based on a much loved watercolour painting. Using special techniques, the painting was vectorised, in effect digitising it and allowing for the manipulation and print of elements of the design at floor to ceiling height.

There were three main parts to the project, with The Window Film Company’s graphics, design and print team preparing each element in-house at the company’s Buckinghamshire headquarters.

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Digital Wallpaper

The office is on the 8th floor of an impressive complex near Victoria station and features a large lobby area. It was this area that was to be the focus of an application of printed digital wallpaper, with a wall of over 45 square metres to be entirely covered.

With the proofs for each part of the project agreed and signed off, the wallpaper was printed in full colour on one of The Window Film Company’s wide format UV printers. Staring life as a plain white product, digital wallpaper can be printed to deliver a unique and bespoke decorative solution.

The wallpaper benefits from a non-paste application, meaning it can be successfully applied to walls and other flat surfaces such as storage cupboards and doors.

The wallpaper was carefully applied to the large wall, with each piece carefully prepared to match the contours of the surface. Each panel was carefully spliced to ensure that the join between each piece was as indistinguishable as possible. Once complete, the entire atmosphere of the lobby area was given a big lift, with visitors stepping out of the lift to be greeted with an incredible, colourful display.

Printed Frostbite film

In keeping with the colourful theme, one of the main entrance doors to the office was to be transformed to give the appearance of being lime green glazing. This was achieved by printing the agreed colour directly onto The Window Film Company’s Frostbrite frosted film.

Once applied, Frostbrite gives the appearance of sandblasted or acid etched glass, making it the ideal way of delivering privacy with style. It also provides an excellent surface for printing onto, allowing for the incorporation of graphics, photographs or company logos – whatever the brief requires. On this occasion, the Frostbrite was printed entirely in the agreed colour, before being applied to the full height glass door. The application immediately changed the appearance of the door, bringing it into line with the rest of the scheme without the need for expensive replacement coloured glass.

Print onto optically clear film

The office features a number of glass partitions and these were also to feature elements of the digitised watercolour artwork. The purpose of this phase of the project was twofold; to continue the decorative theme throughout the office and also to meet manifestation requirements.

Manifestation is required on glass of a certain size to ensure that the glazing is visible, preventing accidents. The manifestation markings are required in specific locations and must be of a minimum size, but as long as these criteria are met the markings can take almost any form.

The brief required the graphics to be visible without blocking the view from either side of the glass, so it was agreed the artwork would be printed onto optically clear film. This effect gives the appearance of cut graphics, with the printed parts of the film the only visible areas. The technique allows for the perfect reproduction of intricate and detailed graphics.

The printed optically clear film was applied to over 40 square metres of partition, ensuring that the glass met glazing legislation whilst also delivering a stunning visual impact, continuing the theme throughout the office across walls, doors and glazing.

The installation was completed over a two day period, with the finished product delivering a welcoming, inspiring, unique and professional look and feel throughout the premises.