Window Tinting for the Home

Tinted glass films for windows and glass in your house, flat, conservatory or apartment

Window Tinting for the Home

Window tinting for the home is the ideal way of solving a range of issues, including heat and glare reduction, privacy, safety and security. The Window Film Company offer a host of different window tinting options, each delivering a stylish appearance and immediately effective result.

What is window film?

Window film from The Window Film Company is available in a range of appearances and finishes, to meet a range of different needs and requirements. The film is a high quality, durable and stylish looking product that is designed to be retro fitted to glass in the home or the workplace. It can be fitted on a DIY basis, with the full range of window films for the home available online.

How do I fit window tint for the home?

Regardless of the film, you choose, installing it onto your windows at home is a straightforward process. You will need a plant spray bottle and some washing up liquid, while if your film is supplied by the metre, you will also need a knife (a decent craft knife will be fine) to trim the window tint to your exact size.

To begin, you will need to clean your window as thoroughly as possible. By cleaning your glass you will ensure that there is nothing left on the surface of the window that will get between the film and the pane, potentially impacting on the installation. Each window film comes with a backing sheet and once the glass is cleaned, this backing sheet needs to be removed. When you have taken the backing sheet of the film, spray the exposed surface with soapy water using a plant spray bottle. The soapy water solution can be created by adding a few drops of washing up liquid to the spray bottle full of water.

Use the spray bottle to cover the film in water and do the same with the window pane. With both the window film and the glass coated in water, take the film to the glass and allow it to flow into place. Manoeuvre it into the correct position and then use the plastic application (supplied free of charge with each online order) to push the moisture to the edge of the film. Use a clean cloth to wipe away the moisture and you’re all done!

Each order also comes with printed fitting instructions, with an easy to follow step by step window film fitting video guides at the bottom of each product page.

If you have a large window, we recommend that installation is undertaken with two people, or consider utilizing The Window Film Company’s professional fitting service.

Nationwide fitting service

If you’d rather leave the fitting to someone else, no problem! The Window Film Company offers a nationwide installation service, with our teams of fully qualified and vastly experienced fitters on hand to fit your choice of window film in your home. For a quote or to arrange a window film installation, please contact a member of our team on 01494 794477 or email

What can I achieve with window film in my home?

By window filming or tinting your home, it’s possible to solve a number of different issues. Privacy can be achieved by adding a reflective film for daytime one-way privacy, while a frosted window film will provide 24 hour two-way privacy. The reflective film works by giving the exterior face of your glass a mirrored appearance during daylight hours, preventing people on the outside from seeing in, while still maintaining the view from the inside out. These films have also been specially developed to allow as much natural light to pass through the glass as possible, achieving privacy without sacrificing natural light.

An application of Frostbrite frosted window film will give your glazing the appearance of acid-etched or sandblasted glass, delivering a contemporary and stylish look, with the view blocked from both sides of the glazing.

By tinting the windows in your home, it is also possible to ensure a manageable and enjoyable internal temperature. Left untreated, solar energy can stream through glazing, steadily heating up the interior until it becomes uncomfortable; particularly in rooms with large quantities of glass such as conservatories or orangeries. The film or tint works by reflecting away a percentage of the sun’s solar energy, preventing the steady build up of heat throughout the day.

As with privacy window film solutions, the solar control window films supplied by The Window Film Company achieve their goal without blocking the view from the inside out and without sacrificing excessive levels of natural light.

Window tinting for privacy

The Window Film Company offers a range of high-quality films and tints that are specifically designed to provide you with long lasting privacy for your home or workplace. Privacy can be achieved in two main ways – one-way daytime privacy, or two-way privacy that is effective for 24 hours.

One-way privacy is achieved by using a reflective film. One of our most popular residential window films, the film works by giving the external face of your glass a mirrored effect, blocking the view from the outside in. The film has been specially developed to maintain a view from the inside out, and to allow excellent levels of visible light to pass through the glass, allowing you to enjoy the comfort of privacy without sacrificing your view or natural light.

You don’t have to choose a tinted film to add privacy to your windows. An application of frosted window film will give your glazing the contemporary appearance of acid etched or sandblasted glass, serving to block the view from both sides of the glass without sacrificing natural light.

Frosted window film can also feature cut designs or printed patterns to deliver an exciting new decorative element to your glass, with each order of patterned film printed and cut to meet your specific size specifications, delivering a genuinely bespoke product for your home. The Window Film Company also partners with a number of established designers, offering you a choice of exclusive collections, not available anywhere else.

Window tinting for heat reduction

Excess heat can be a major issue, both at home and in commercial settings. Left unchecked, the sun’s solar energy will just pass through glazing continually, incrementally raising the internal temperature until it becomes uncomfortable. This can render conservatories unusable and offices or other workplaces unconducive to productivity and wellbeing.

Traditional methods for combatting excess heat can be counter productive as well as expensive and difficult to maintain. For example, blinds or curtains. These can be drawn or closed in an attempt to block heat, but in reality, they are ineffective as even with them closed, solar energy is still allowed to pass through the glass, in turn adding to the temperature. In addition, blinds and curtains will block both the view and the light, negating two of the major positives of having windows in the first place. Finally, both curtains and blinds can be difficult to clean, whereas window film or tint can be quickly cleaned using nothing more than household cleaning products – no specialist equipment is needed to clean your film following its application.

In commercial settings, using air conditioning is a common way of reducing heat, yet it is both expensive and harmful to the environment. Installation of solar control window film is a cost-efficient way of delivering effective solar control without the harmful emissions that air conditioning units can be responsible for.

Solar control window film, whether used in a commercial or residential setting, works by bouncing away a percentage of solar energy before it can enter a property and add to the internal temperature. It’s important to note that film will not make a property feel unnecessarily cold, instead, it will reject only excess heat, preventing the steady build-up of heat. This means that on a pleasant day, your property will benefit from an enjoyable temperature, without it rapidly increasing until it is uncomfortable.

Solar control window film and glass tints are available in a range of grades and finishes, with internal and external grades available for when installing to the internal face of the glass is not possible. Solar control film can also be applied in conjunction with other products, such as security film, delivering multiple, long lasting and highly effective solutions for a number of different issues.

Other benefits of window tinting

Window tinting can also be used to deliver a number of other solutions including glare reduction, fade protection (the majority of The Window Film Company’s window films will block up to 99% of UV rays), safety and security. An application of window film can be a useful addition for not just windows, but any location where you have glazing, such as a glass door, partitions or shower screens.

Window films and tints from The Window Film Company are of the highest possible quality, having been developed and tested extensively, all with the express aim of delivering an effective, durable and stylish product for use on your glass. For advice on which film, from our wide range, works best for your home, your glass and your situation, please call a member of The Window Film Company’s friendly team on 01494 794477 or email