Storefront Window Privacy & Retail Branding for Michael Kors

Retail shop storefront window graphics installation

Preparing a new retail outlet ahead of opening for the first time is a time consuming and complex project. It is usually desirable for this work to take place away from the gaze of the public, so privacy is required. Luxury retailer Michael Kors required a high quality, bespoke solution and The Window Film Company were able to help.

Michael Kors is continuing to go from strength to strength with new stores opening throughout Europe, with the latest branch opening in the newly launched Trinity shopping centre in Leeds. As a high end luxury brand, it was important for Michael Kors that the construction work and fit-out was carried out privately. It was also vital that the public were made aware of the imminent opening of the store, so any privacy solution should also serve to provide a strong brand presence, raising the profile of the brand in the area.

The Window Film Company were therefore required to provide a temporary privacy solution that would obscure the view from both sides of the shop front as well as delivering increased brand awareness.

After discussions with all involved parties, it was agreed that the most appropriate product would be a specialist low-tack vinyl window film; a solid coloured vinyl that can be applied to either side of the glass. One of the most important features of the film is that whilst it does provide a firm bond to the glass, it can easily be removed and the glass quickly returned to its original state. This was a vital requirement of the job, as it was important that when the interior work was complete the film could be quickly removed to reveal a pristine surface.

The selected vinyl provides an additional benefit by being excellent surface for printing onto. This allows the creation of a truly bespoke product, with the option to reproduce images, designs, text and other graphics in perfect detail on the surface of the film.

The shop had a number of large glass panels that required privacy, and high resolution artwork was provided, allowing The Window Film Company’s in-house graphics team to create scale proofs of each panel before sending them to the client for approval. By carrying out both design work and print in-house, The Window Film Company is able to maintain a tight quality control process, as well as being able to react quickly to amends, new requirements or jobs with a short turn round time.

With the proofs approved, printing could commence. The shop-front boasted several large panes of glass, with the biggest almost 3 metres high and wide. The size of the panels meant that the graphics would provide a large branding and advertising opportunity, making it vital that the print quality was befitting of the high end, aspirational nature of the brand. By using a state of the art large format UV printer to print the film, it was possible to recreate the full colour graphics with pinpoint perfection. A combination of the high definition images, the print quality and the surface of the film ensured that the images and text appeared bright and vivid, perfect for capturing the attention of the passing shopping public and in keeping with the luxurious image portrayed by the Michael Kors brand.

With the print underway, the logistics of installing the film were dealt with by The Window Film Company’s operations team. It is the job of this department to liaise with each client to agree on a suitable installation date, whilst also ensuring that any access requirements or other additional needs are accounted for and met.

Installations are carried out by The Window Film Company’s fully trained and vastly experienced fitting teams. Each team is well versed in fitting every available type of film in every conceivable location, allowing them to deliver a quality and efficient fitting service. The size of this job meant that scaffolding and other access equipment was needed, all supplied by The Window Film Company.

Once applied, the film provided the privacy required allowing work to continue undisturbed within. The film also created an eye-catching feature on the front of the store; a bright, vivid display highlighting the imminent opening of the store whilst also serving to raise the local profile of the Michael Kors brand.

With the fit-out complete and the store ready to open, the same installation team returned to remove the film, quickly and efficiently returning the glass to its former state.