Bespoke Manifestation creation and install for Zwift

The Window Film Company has proudly completed the creation and installation of custom made manifestation markings at the London HQ of the popular online cycling app, Zwift.

Zwift is a popular online app, brining cyclists together to compete in virtual races and to complete training challenges. A worldwide phenomenon, the UK headquarters are in London’s Victoria, and The Window Film Company was engaged to provide a solution that would deliver on both privacy needs and manifestation regulations.

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With a number of meeting rooms featuring floor to ceiling glass, there was a requirement for both privacy and manifestation markings. Manifestation is required on glass of a certain size (usually floor to ceiling panels and partitions) to ensure that the glass is visible, in turn serving to prevent accidents and potential injury.

Manifestation markings are required at specific locations on the glass, must be of a minimum size and must provide a contrast between the glass and the background. As long as these stipulations are met, the manifestation can take on any form, allowing for the creation of creative, stylish and professional looking additions to glass.

In addition to the need for manifestation, there was also a privacy requirement, with any solution serving to block the view of the large presentation screens within the meeting rooms.


The decision was taken to create a frosted band of window film, with the various meeting room names cut from the frost, with the same visual effect used to recreate the company logo across the glass.

It was decided that the frost effect would be achieved printed onto optically clear window film. By using state of the art print technology, the Window Film Company is able to recreate a highly realistic frosted effect, in turn allowing for the appearance of “cut” graphics, achieved by leaving specific areas of the film untouched by print.


The end product saw manifestation and privacy requirements met with a single application of a single yet stylish band of window film. The frost effect provided privacy, blocking the view of the large screens within each meeting room, while also providing the necessary privacy.

Project Summary

  • Custom created manifestaion markings to meet building regulations
  • Frost effect also provides privacy
  • Bespoke solution featuring company branding
  • Created and installed by The Window Film Company.