Safety Window Film for The Old Vic Theatre

The Window Film Company is proud to have completed an installation of safety window film at one of London’s most famous Theatres; the Old Vic.

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Located near Waterloo, The Old Vic has been operating since 1818 and currently has a capacity of approximately 1,000. As part of a programme of refurbishments throughout the public areas of the Theatre, the removal and replacing of safety window film was required, with The Window Film Company approached to deliver the work.


Safety window film has a simple but important job. It is installed to ensure that if glass does break, in either malicious of accidental circumstances, it does so in a safe fashion. Untreated or standard glass will shatter into dangerous shards in the event of breakage, with the danger this presents clear and very real. By applying window film to glass, it ensures that if there is a breakage, the film holds the broken glass together the frame, preventing it from falling in on itself and causing potential damage or injury.

The windows throughout The Old Vic provide an excellent view and allow for good levels of natural light to enter the area, so it was important that any safety film solution hindered neither benefit. With this in mind it was agreed that a clear safety film would be installed, meaning that once in place with would make the glass safe, bringing it up to the required safety standards, while having a virtually undetectable aesthetic impact to the glass.

The Window Film Company’s Operations team liaised with the project managers at The Old Vic to identify a suitable time for the work to take place, with the project then undertaken and completed by a team of The Window Film Company’s fully qualified and vastly experienced fitters, removing the existing film that had reached the end of its useful life, before replacing it with high quality, long lasting and durable safety window film.


The windows were brought up to safety standard by replacing window film that had reached the end of its useful life, replaced with high quality, long lasting and durable film that is virtually undetectable by the naked eye. The glazing throughout the public areas of the Theatre were fully filmed without changing their appearance or sacrificing natural light or the view from the inside out.