UV Window Film from The Window Film Company

UV protection window film, UV filtering film and UV block for windows

UV window film is available in a range of grades and finishes, providing an effective barrier against damaging UV rays without the need for expensive new glazing. With films capable of blocking 99% of UV, it is the ideal solution for fighting fading.

An application of UV window film from The Window Film Company is a cost effective solution to the problems caused by the suns UV rays. The film is available with a clear, see through appearance, or in a number of other finishes, each of which offers a different level of performance. The Window Film Company offer a nation-wide installation service as well as an online store for DIY purchases, ensuring there is a product that will suit both commercial, trade and residential customers.

UV Window Film Installation

Ultraviolet light filtering window film can be installed in your property by one of The Window Film Company nationwide professional installation teams. We have carried out hundreds of UV control film installations where people are concerned about UV damage caused by this type of lights harmful UV rays. Reducing UV light is especially important for retailers displaying stock in the shop windows, where it can cause fading and damage over time.

The Window Film Company provide a nationwide installation service, with teams of qualified and experienced fitters available to fit film to you premises whatever the size or location.

Each of our fitting teams is fully trained in the installation of our full range of films, including privacy film for the home, commercial privacy window film, solar protection film, safety and security film, fade and glare protection film as well as printed graphics, manifestation and digital wallpaper. Perhaps more importantly, each team is hugely experienced in fitting each type of product in almost every conceivable circumstance, allowing them to deliver a professional service whatever the location and situation.

Commercial UV Window Film 

UV protection with UV film is a cost effective way of blocking UV rays and UV light, preventing the unwanted side effects that result, whether in an office, warehouse, shop front or restaurant.

  • Fading is caused by three major factors; heat, light and UV rays. By blocking up to 99% of UV, an application of specialist UV window film will help slow down the fading process, protecting equipment and furnishings.
  • Optically clear UV film option. Often referred to as ‘museum film’ due to its popularity protecting items in museums & art galleries, clear UV window film will provide a barrier to UV rays without affecting vision through the glazing. The see through nature of the film makes it perfect for application to shop fronts, or in situations where unobstructed vision is required.
  • Solar control and privacy. Many films from our extensive film will provide UV protection along with a host of other benefits. UV protection can be achieved alongside solar protection to prevent heat build-up, or with a privacy element for when vision needs to be obstructed. Our range of safety and security films can also provide UV protection.
  • Health. UV rays have been proven to be damaging to the skin and with an SPF (sun protection factor) equivalent to 285, UV window film can help protect skin from harm.

Residential UV Window Film

UV film for windows is a popular method for protecting belongings, fittings and furnishings in the home from the harmful effects of the sun.

  • Fading is a common problem in the home, with UV rays being one of the main contributing factors. By blocking up to 99% of the harmful rays, UV window film can help in the fight against fading. With a clear film choice available, it is possible to achieve a high performance of UV protection without altering the appearance of the glazing.
  • Skin protection. The sun has long been known to cause damage to the skin, with the UV rays being a particularly harmful element. An application of UV window film will block the majority of these rays, helping protect skin from potential sun damage.

DIY UV Window Film

UV filtering glass film can be purchased online, with free rapid delivery available for purchases within the UK. A professional installation service is also available, with The Window Film Company’s teams of fitters operating nationwide. For more details on our range of UV protection film or for an installation quote, please call 01494 794477.