Printed Brick Vinyl & Wallpaper at Watford FC

With Watford Football Club continuing to enjoy improved on-pitch results, it was felt the time was right to make some improvements to their Vicarage Road Stadium home. With supporters expecting more and more from their match-day experience, the club wanted to ensure that the environment was as welcoming as possible by adding Watford-themed décor to walls and surfaces throughout the stadium complex.

Football now attracts a hugely diverse range of spectators, and with a hard earned reputation as one of the most welcoming clubs in professional sport, Watford regularly play host to the full spectrum. From corporate guests to families, everyone is catered for, with specific sections of the stadium set aside for each type of visitor.

The areas that were identified for updating were varied. Some were internal walls, some were external. Some were plastered, smooth surfaces, some were exposed brick. The requirements were wide ranging, but the goal simple: Ensure the walls and surfaces at Vicarage Road are fit for the Premier League.

Corporate Hospitality Areas – Internal Application of Digital Wallpaper

 The corporate hospitality areas are housed inside the stadium, with a number of lounges and executive boxes playing host to guests each week. It was agreed that digital wallpaper would be the ideal choice for these areas.

Having been founded in 1881, Watford can boast a wealth of history and it was this that the club wanted to bring to life on the walls of the hospitality areas. The club were able to supply a range of images depicting memorable moments, and these were printed at full floor to ceiling size.

Digital wallpaper is a versatile and durable product that can be printed onto in full colour. It is hard wearing, making it suitable for high traffic locations and can the paste free installation process means it can be fitted with the minimum of disruption.

Family Areas – External Application of specialist Brick Vinyl

Watford have a dedicated stand for families, that on a match day is home to thousands of young children and their parents. The football club
 wanted to give the stand an obvious family feel and hoped to do so by decorating the brick walls at the entrance to the stand and throughout the concourse.

Brick vinyl is a specialist film that can be printed onto and then applied directly onto brick walls. The application process involves slowly heating the film and working it into the pointing of the brickwork, the film fitting perfectly to the natural contours of the wall.

For these walls, the club supplied a series of bespoke graphics, featuring family themed designs. These included playful images of the club mascot, as well as interactive elements such as height charts, the durable nature of the product making it suitable for such continued and tactile use.

Once fitted, the brick vinyl takes on the appearance of being part of the wall, making the stand a bright, vibrant and welcoming place to be, giving a professional finish whilst perfectly recreating an ambience and appearance that appeals to Watford’s younger supporters.

Project Management

 The project took place over a number of weeks, with a strict deadline dictated by the clubs fixture list. The initial consultation took place at the club, with representatives from The Window Film Company visiting the areas in question and providing advice as to the possible products that could be used. The opportunity was also taken to take measurements, allowing for the preparation of an accurate quote.

Using artwork supplied by the club, The Window Film Company printed samples of the suggested materials, allowing representatives from the club to see their designs as they would appear when printed. With materials and costs agreed, each piece of artwork was reviewed by the in-house print team, and proofs provided for approval. With artwork agreed, installation dates were planned, with the operations team liaising directly with Watford Football Club to agree on a series of suitable dates.

The range of film fitted has added improved the aesthetic in each area of the stadium, making each location appear professional and welcoming. The correct choice of product and high quality print bringing life and energy to parts of the stadium that might previously have been overlooked.

 Key Facts:

• Decorative solution required for various surfaces.

• Range of materials used, including specialist brick vinyl.

• Full colour print.

• Floor to ceiling print.

• Application to both internal and external surfaces.

• Job carried out to strict deadline.