External heat reduction film for large Sussex premises

The Window Film Company has completed an external application of high performance solar control window film, serving to reduce excess heat inside a large premises in Sussex.

Left unchecked, solar energy will pass through glass, steadily raising the internal temperature. During warm spells, this can quickly result in an unpleasant environment in which to work, with a reliance on expensive and environmentally damaging cooling systems or ineffective methods such as blinds. An application of window film is cost efficient and immediately effective.


The client, a Sussex based aviation company, had a large premises, featuring a series of large skylights and while these were excellent for allowing excellent levels of natural light to pass through and into the property, they were also responsible for solar energy passing into the premises, resulting in an uncomfortable internal temperature.

The rooflights had previously been fitted with an alternative window film, but this had ceased to be effective and The Window Film Company were approached to deliver a higher performing, longer lasting solution. Any film would need to be suitable for external application (the location and position of the rooflights meant that an internal application wasn’t possible) and would need to provide excellent levels of heat reduction, while also allowing decent levels of natural light transmission.


The Window Film company was able to suggest external grade High reflective Silver as the ideal product for this project. Designed specifically for external use, once applied the film gives the external face of the glass a reflective, mirrored appearance. It’s this updated characteristic that provides the solar control, with the reflective element in the film bouncing away solar energy before it can pass through the glass and add to the internal temperature.

Once installed, the film rejects up to 78% of solar energy, preventing the steady build up of heat by preventing excess solar energy from passing through the glass, while also delivering the added benefit of a 83% reduction in glare. In addition, the film also helps to fight against fading by blocking 99% of the sun’s UV rays – the biggest contributing factor to the fading process.


The installation was a two-part project, with the first requirement being the removal of the existing, under performing film. With all necessary safety requirements in place, a team of The Window Film Company’s fully qualified and vastly experienced installers were able to take to the roof and begin removing the film. This process was undertaken with care, ensuring that the film was carefully removed without causing any damage to the glass. A total of 19 rooflights were affected, and with the film removed from each and the glass restored to it’s original condition, the updated, higher quality film from The Window Film Company could be applied.

The film was installed using a standard water based application, with both the surface of the glass and the window film coated thoroughly in water before being applied. Each panel was then trimmed to the exact size necessary, leaving a perfect for for each of the large panels. As soon as it was in place, the film was effective, serving to prevent the steady build up of excess heat, reducing glare and also blocking UV rays without sacrificing high levels of natural light.


  • Strip and replace project.
  • Work all completed externally; internal application not possible.
  • High performance window film required for effective solar control.
  • External grade High Reflective Silver
  • Total Solar Energy rejected: 78.3%
  • Glare reduction: 83.5%
  • UV light rejected: 99%
  • Stripping and application all carried out by The Window Film Company’s fully qualified installers.