Solar Control and Glare Reduction

Reducing heat build up, glare and UV rays with solar control window film

This large Hampshire based car dealership was suffering with excess heat and glare and The Window Film Company was engaged to deliver an efficient and effective solution. 

The requirement

The two storey property’s frontage is dominated by a large expanse of glazing and whilst this ensured a sleek external appearance and a naturally bright interior, it was resulting in two unwanted issues; heat and glare.

Excess heat or solar gain occurs when solar energy is allowed to pass through glass and build up throughout the day. The temperature increase is steady and almost imperceptible, but it will eventually result in a premises becoming uncomfortably hot. While excess heat is typically a seasonal issue, glare can cause a problem all year round. During winter months, the low lying position of the sun can mean light enters premises at an awkward angle and in the summer the sunlight is brighter and more prolonged. Glare can make it difficult to read or to comfortably focus on screens, colleagues or customers.

The glare issue was particularly bad on the first floor which hosted a number of meeting rooms and other workspaces, so a solution was sought to provide immediate, long lasting and reliable relief.

The solution

The Window Film Company was able to suggest High Reflective Silver window film as the appropriate solution. A high performance film, once applied it can reduce the excess heat by up to 77% whilst cutting out 81% of glare. As well as reducing heat and glare, the film also blocks up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, serving to help slow down the fading process.

The film gives the external face of the glass a stylish mirrored effect, while internally the view to the exterior is maintained. The film also allows for high levels of natural light to pass through the glass, ensuring that the internal environment remains bright and airy.

It was agreed that by filming the top three rows of glazing, the desired effect would be achieved. This meant that a total of 93 panes was filmed, with the film being applied to the internal face of each panel. The height of the glass meant that a 6 metre scaffold tower was required for the installation, with the work carried by a team of The Window Film Company’s fully qualified and vastly experienced fitting teams. The work was carried out with the minimum of fuss, allowing the showroom to stay open for the duration of the installation.

The result

With the film installed, the glare reduction was evident immediately, allowing customers and showroom staff to enjoy the naturally light environment. The solar control element of the film was also effective as soon as it was installed, preventing the premises from becoming unpleasantly hot. The aesthetics of the showroom also received an upgrade, with the mirrored appearance of the film delivering a sleek, stylish and professional looking exterior.

Project summary

  • Extensive glass frontage was causing heat and glare issues.
  • High Reflective Silver window film was applied to alleviate both issues.
  • Reduces excess heat by up to 77%.
  • Reduces glare by up to 81%.
  • The chosen film also blocks 99% of harmful UV rays.
  • Film was applied to 93 large panes.
  • Over 180m2 of glass was treated.
  • Film installed to the interior, using six metre scaffold tower.
  • Showroom remained open throughout the project.