Frosted Window Film Cut Patterns

Frosting windows using frosted window film for a stylish privacy solution and decorative addition to your glass

The Window Film Company is an industry leader in the supply and installation of Frostbrite frosted window film to give glazing the appearance of classic frosted glass. The wide range of films are available cut to your exact size specifications, with a host of exciting and eye-catching patterns and designs also available.

In short, Frostbrite frosted window film is a multi-purpose, high performance product, designed to deliver privacy by achieving a frosted effect, while also giving glass an added element of style without sacrificing natural light. Choose from an extensive range of cut or printed patterns to really make your glass stand out.

How does Frostbrite frosted window film work?

Frostbrite frosted window film is designed to be retro-fitted to your glass, providing a cost-effective and easy to achieve privacy solution. Once applied, the film is effective immediately, giving your glass the appearance of acid-etched of sandblasted glazing at a fraction of the cost. The film will block the view from both sides of the glass, but has been specially developed to allow for excellent natural light transmission, ensuring that privacy is achieved without making your room feel unnecessarily dark; one of the biggest selling points for Frostbrite is that it allows excellent levels of natural light to pass through your glass.

Frostbrite frosted window film looks great in its own right, window film is a modern and stylish alternative to blinds or unsightly net curtains, but for an extra special and stylish decorative upgrade, The Window Film Company offers an extensive collection of beautiful frosted designs, each cut to your exact size specifications, providing a genuinely bespoke window frosting for your glass.

Cut patterns for window frosting.

The Window Film Company is proud to offer an extensive range of cut frosted patterns. The patterns are created by using state of the art cutting technology to precision cut each stylish design from our Frostbrite frosted window film. Once complete, the patterned area is left clear, with the remainder of the panel comprised of the frosted film – the perfect way of adding a touch of style and interest to your glass window.

This method is the perfect way of achieving an element of privacy while also maintaining an opportunity to see through your glass. Our cut frosted range of window film patterns don’t need to be for privacy, either – they provide an easy to achieve a method of giving your glazing a brand new and incredibly stylish new look. 

Ordering your cut frosted pattern is a straightforward process. Once you’ve chosen the pattern you desire, simply enter the measurements of your window in the space provided on the product page, At this stage, the cost of your frosted pattern will be automatically displayed and you will be able to add your new window film to your basket and checkout. Each window film pattern is created to your exact specifications and cut to size using state of the art computer cutting technology, so please do be as accurate as you can when entering the dimensions of your window pane. 

Our policy is to despatch all orders received before 1 pm on the same working day. Wherever possible, orders placed after this time will also be despatched the same day, but due to courier deadlines, this cannot be guaranteed.

Printed frosted patterns.

The beauty of Frostbrite frosted window film is that it also provides an ideal surface on which to print. This has allowed The Window Film Company to create a beautiful collection of printed frosted films, taking inspiration from design in all its forms. There is an extensive collection of designs to choose from, with something suitable for every room in the home and for every interior design scheme or taste.

The patterns are created by using state of the art print technology to recreate the patterns in brilliant, pure white ink. The end-product is a beautiful creation, with the white ink contrasting perfectly with the frost effect of the Frostbrite frosted film.

Once the film is applied, you will not only benefit from an instantly effective privacy solution, perhaps blocking an unsightly view but also a stunning new etched glass look for any room in the house. The film is easy to install and as with a cut frosted pattern, is easy to order online. Simply choose the printed frosted pattern you require and enter your measurements. Your bespoke price will then be shown, allowing you to add the panel to your basket. Repeat the process until you have the correct number of frosted panels and then complete your purchase. You really are only a few clicks away from a beautiful new look for your glass!

Our white frost patterns are available to peruse online, with the full collection online today >> White printed frosted window film range.

Designer window film collections.

In addition to our white frosted window film patterns, The Window Film Company is proud to introduce you to our collection of designer window films. These exclusive collaborations mean that for the first time, it is now possible to feature genuine designer style on your windows and glass.

Each designer has been specifically chosen to deliver a unique appearance or style, delivering an exquisite frosted finish for any room in your home. Including offerings from established names such as Mini Moderns, Charlene Mullen, Jane Foster and MissPrint, these designer frosted patterns are the perfect way of giving your glass and your home a memorable, stylish and inspirational new look.

Once applied to glass, the film from our designer collections is sure to breathe new life into your glazing and give your room a stunning hint of genuine designer style.

DIY fitting of frosted patterns.

The full collection of decorative window films from The Window Film Company are available to purchase online for DIY installation. The film is quite easy to apply and the process for fitting a cut or printed frosted pattern is straightforward and can be achieved with nothing more than a few standard household items and a spray bottle of soapy water. 

To fit your frosted patterned window film, simply remove the backing sheet and spray the film with soapy water. This is done by adding water and a few drops of washing up liquid to a plant spray bottle. Use the bottle to also wet the window, ensuring both the frosted film and the glass are covered. Then allow the film to flow into position on the glass and when you are happy the film is in the right position, use the plastic squeegee supplied with your order to push out the remaining moisture to the edge of the frame, and you should have a bubble free installation.

Each frosted window film order is supplied cut to size and comes complete with printed fitting instructions, while there are also easy to follow video fitting instructions at the bottom of each product page.

Professional frosted pattern installation.

While fitting patterned frosted window film can be successfully carried out without any prior experience, if you’d prefer it was carried out by the experts, The Window Film Company offers a nationwide installation service, with teams of vastly experienced and fully qualified on hand to carry out the fitting of frosted window film at your home. For more details on this service and a quote, please contact a member of our team by calling 01494 794477 or email

Caring for your patterned frosted window film.

Frostbrite frosted patterns and designs from The Window Film Company have been specially developed to be long lasting and durable, meaning they are generally a much better performing product than the often less expensive static cling type films, and this also makes our window frosting films perfect for use in challenging locations such as bathrooms and shower screens. Regardless of the type of frosted pattern you choose, all of our frosted film products are ideal for bathrooms, but as well as being able to withstand water and moisture, your frosted patterns will require no special aftercare. You can clean the frosted film in the same way as you’d clean a standard window film, simply be careful to not use anything that would scratch your Frostbrite frosted window film.

For more information about the benefits of buying and installing a decorative window film for your glass from The Window Film Company, please get in touch by calling 01494 794477 or email


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