Window Film FAQs - The Window Film Company

We have a selected some frequently asked questions regarding window film and answered them for your convenience below. If you have any questions about installing window film, then our window film fitting video instructions will help.

If you don't find the answer you are looking for in the information below, then please just give us a call on 01494 794477 or email us at

What is window film?

Window Film can be applied to new or exisiting glass windows in your home, office, school or factory. Window Films are designed to reduce heat, reduce glare, add privacy, provide extra safety, security and to decorate glass.

How long has The Window Film Company been established?

The Window Film Company ® was established in 1998

How do I get a quotation?

The best way to get a supply and install quotation is to call us on 01494 794477 and speak to one of our Account Managers. If you want to just purchase the window film for a DIY installation then please visit our DIY Window Film section for the best online price.

How quickly can I get a quotation?

We are usually able to give you a quotation the same day. If you know the approx sizes of your windows when you call, we can sometime give you a price there and then over the phone. We will then confirm the cost in writing by email or by post.

Do you need to carry out a site survey?

No, we do not always need to carry out a site survey. When you call, if you know the approx size of the windows, this is enough for us to price from. Most types of window film are usually computer cut on site so our window film installers will double check the sizes when they arrive.

What type of window film will I need?

Frostbrite ® is our own brand of frosted window films.  On our website you can view a wide range of different designs and patterns that you can buy online for DIY installation.  Frosted window films give the appearance of frosted or etched glass at a fraction of the cost.

What is Supertint ® ?

Supertint ® is the brand name for our solar control conservatory window films.  Conservatories can get really hot and bright during the summer months making them almost impossible to use.  With Supertint ® applied to your glass or polycarbonate roof, the excess temperature can be reduced making it possible to use the room at times of the day and times of the year when normally it would not be possible.  Coolkote window film is recommended for polycarbonate conservatories.

Can window film go on any type of glass?

Not all window films can go onto all glass types. Your Account Manager will make sure that you have the correct window film installed for your glass type.

What areas of the country do you cover?

The Window Film Company ® cover the whole of the UK for supply and installation projects with our professional window film installers from our Head Office just outside London.

Are you able to install in the evening or at weekends?

We do offer an out of hours service if needed, however, to get the best possible application, we cannot install window film in the dark. If you do require your window film installation to be done outside of normal working hours, please tell your Account Manager and they will advise you of any extra cost.

How long will it take to get the work done?

Usually, once you confirm your order, your window film installation can be carried out within 5-10 days.

How is window film installed?

Window Film is installed onto the glass using soapy water and a squeegee after the glass is thoroughly cleaned. If you are interested you can view the installation process by watching our online videos. The videos can be seen by clicking here.

Can I install the window film myself?

Yes you can install the window film yourself. You can buy your window film online by clicking this link buy window film. You can also view video fitting instructions online to see the full installation process. We also provide written instructions with each order.

Do I need to do anything before you come to install?

Please ensure that we have clear access to your windows. This includes moving any desks away from the glass as well as clearing all window sills. Our window film fitters will bring dustsheets to cover any items near to the window, but if you can give clear access, your installation will go smoothly.

How should I clean the windows after the window film is installed?

Please do not touch the film for 30 days after installation. After this you can clean your windows as normal. Please do not use anything abrasive or with harsh chemicals. Warm soapy water is the best. If you have have window film istalled with cut out and patterns, please go careful around these areas.

How long will the window film last?

Most of our internal window films come with a 10-year warranty and would usually last well in excess of that.

Is it possible to remove the window film?

Yes, window film can be removed from your glass, but it cannot be reused. If you already have window film on your windows and you want a strip and replace service, please mention this to your Account Manager. 

Can I get a bespoke design in your frosted window film?

Yes.  The Window Film Company ® can computer cut virtually any design or pattern from the window film.  There would be an artwork charge to digitise your concept to enable us to computer cut the film.  We will advise you what this cost will be before we do any work.

Do you send out samples of the window film?

Samples of all types of window film are available upon request. Please call us on 01494 794477.

Can I come and visit your office?

You are more than welcome to come and visit us here at our offices for a cup of tea or coffee. If you give us advance warning that you are coming, we will make sure we have biscuits.

Will you install window film I have bought from somewhere else?

No, we will not install window film that you have bought from somewhere else as we cannot be sure of the quality of the product.