Printed Graphics for The Montefiore Hospital

Window film glass graphics on internal glass partitions

The Window Film Company offer a RIBA approved CPD presentation, a 60 minute session which intro­duces and explains the uses of window film and associated products. It was during one such presenta­tion that IBI Nightingale Architects recognised that they had found the solution to an ongoing problem...

As part of a project at the Montefiore Hospital in Brighton, the architect wanted to feature a design on a series of glass partitions, partly for privacy purposes and partly to provide an element of decoration. Before encountering The Window Film Company no-one had been able to reproduce the quality and finish required; a combination of subtle colours and opacity.

The project began with the architect supplying the pre agreed artwork. The Window Film Company’s in-house graphics and print team were immediately able to confirm that the finish required could be deliv­ered and provided an A3 sized working sample. The sample was examined by the architects and their client at the hospital, and applied to the glass to achieve a full appreciation of the finished look.

The application of the sample panel highlighted a need for a change in the design -as it stood, it didn’t provide the necessary levels of privacy. The architect took responsibility for providing updated artwork, whilst The Window Film Company took the opportunity to fully survey the site, taking exact measurements of each piece of glass along with details of any fixtures and fittings that may impact on the installation.

With the new artwork complete and agreed, production could begin.

The intricate nature of the design meant printing onto optically clear film was the optimum choice. By printing in full colour onto clear film, it is possible to perfectly recreate complicated and detailed designs without the need for cutting or weeding -once applied onto glass the only visible parts of the film will be the areas containing print. The Window Film Company utilise state of the art UV print technology to carry out such jobs, using the highest quality inks. By using the best possible products, it is possible to guarantee a crystal clear, pin sharp finish every time.

Printing is carried out in-house, allowing The Window Film Company to carry out continuous quality control ­the printers are set to run at high quality, not at high speed. Timescales are always agreed taking into account enough time to print to the best possible standards.

With production underway, the Operations Team began organising the logistics of the installation. 

It is the job of the Operations Team to arrange an installation date that is suitable for each client. With this job taking place on the Chemotherapy ward, it would have to be handled particularly sensitively. It was agreed that the installation would take place over two days, with the work being carried out at specific times supplied directly by the hospital.

The window Film Company’s teams of installers are vastly experienced in the fitting of window film and associated products, allowing them to carry out their work quickly and efficiently. Each fitter is fully trained, and their experience of working with glass partition systems and door mechanisms was called upon during this job. To ensure a perfect application of film, numerous fixtures and fittings such as door handles and locks had to be removed while the film was fitted and replaced upon completion. It is this attention to detail and desire to complete the perfect installation that ensured the finished product looked exactly how both the architect and hospital staff had envisaged.

Once installed, the improvement was immediately obvious. The carefully designed artwork provided the necessary amount of privacy, whilst not blocking the light or making the light airy spaces feel unnecessarily dark or claustrophobic. The design also gave the area an immediate lift, the design helping ensure the ward felt comfortable and calming, a key requirement.

The project was carefully managed at each step, with potential problems identified early in the process and therefore avoided. The processes and high quality equipment and products employed by The Window Film Company allowed for a perfect finish, with an installation that took place with the minimum of fuss and a product that delivered the maximum impact.

Key Facts:

 * Long standing issue, solution highlighted during The Window Film Company’s CPD presentation.

* Full survey carried out to identify potential issues.

* Full size working samples used to test suitability of artwork.

* Optically clear film allowed for perfect recreation of highly detailed and intricate artwork.

* Full collaboration on installation and logistics.

* Project carried out on time and on budget. 

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