Printed Graphics for Suffolk Office

Office refurbishment with glass partition graphics and manifestation

As part of an extensive office refurbishment and fit-out programme, The Window Film Company was engaged to print and install custom created graphics to glass partitions.

The project requirement

The Ipswich based office featured an extensive run of glass partitioning that necessitated printed graphics to meet two requirements; decoration and manifestation. The aesthetic element was to be delivered using bespoke graphics, designed to give the office a professional, inspiring and welcoming appearance, serving to reinforce the company’s brand identity.

Manifestation is required by building regulations and dictates that markings must be placed on glass of a certain height, in order to make it clearly visible. The markings must be of a minimum size, should be at two distinct heights and should be of an appearance that contrasts with the view through the glass.

The solution

It was agreed that to meet aesthetic and manifestation requirements, a printed band of 1440mm high window film would be applied to the partitions.  The height of the band would ensure that manifestation legislation was met, also providing a suitably sized version of the bespoke graphics.

The graphics were created by the client and comprised a number of interlinking blue hexagons, with the colour fading from one edge of the design to the other. To achieve the effect, it was decided that the graphics would be printed onto optically clear film. This choice of material meant that the design and fade effect could be perfectly reproduced; only the printed areas of the film would be visible with the unprinted parts of the film left completely clear.

The film was printed using state of the art UV print technology by The Window Film Company’s in-house print and graphics team, with each panel checked and finished by hand to ensure complete accuracy and print quality.

The final result

The printed graphics were applied to over 17 linear metres of glass by one of The Window Film Company’s fully qualified and experienced teams of fitters. The stylish design gave the property an immediate and impressive new look, in keeping with work and brand elements incorporated elsewhere in the office, while the size and location of the application meant that all manifestation regulations were met.

Project summary

  • Printed graphics required for branding/decorative purposes.
  • Graphics solution must also meet manifestation needs.
  • Full colour design printed onto optically clear film.
  • Applied to over 17 linear metres of glass.