FrameGard™ Anchoring System 

This mechanical anchoring system represents  a highly effective approach to security and blast mitigation. Specifically created to keep glass within the frame in the event of an explosion or intrusion, the system works by clamping the filmed glass to the window frame.

The system is effective as it incorporates a patented movement zone which allows the film to move, meaning excessive force isn’t applied to the fixings and the frame. This is a bespoke, customised solution that provides the option of precise torque settings, meaning the exact settings required can be applied to each individual installation.

This is an involved system that requires expert installation. Firstly, an application of SafetyShield window film is required. The FrameGard unit is then placed over the film, with a series of screws drilled through the unit and into the window frame, clamping the window film securely in place. A cap is then applied to the unit to provide an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Safety, Security and blast mitigation is a serious issue and it is of vital importance that the correct solution is provided for each individual set of circumstances. These can vary due to the type of building, the design of the windows and the type of threat faced, so we always recommend contacting us directly to discuss your specific situation. The Window Film Company has a team of experts who have been specially trained to deliver advice on the usage of these systems, so to learn more about the best course of action for your particular project, please call us on 01494 797808 or email

When it comes to blast mitigation, a risk assessment is always an important part of the process. By carrying out such an assessment, it is possible to identify the type of threat and possible results, enabling us to make the most appropriate suggestion for your situation. If you haven't had a professional risk assessment, The Window Film Company can arrange for one to be completed by an industry expert.

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