The Window Film Company – A Madico SafetyShield Premier Partner

Madico SafetyShield® high performance safety, security and blast mitigation film.

As a member of the Madico Safety Shield Premier Partner programme, The Window Film Company is proud to be among a select few global organisations authorised to install the Madico range of high performance safety, security and blast mitigation film and attachment systems.

The SafetyShield safety and security window film used by Premier Partners is amongst the most advanced film available and has been engineered using 30 years of experience to deliver increased protection against criminal activity, accidental damage, extreme weather, blasts and explosions. Safety film can be installed in conjunction with anchoring and restraint systems, which work by anchoring the protective layer of film to the window frame, delivering the highest level of protection possible.

There are four main systems available, Wet Glaze, Gull Wing, LifeLine and FrameGard, with each system offering a different appearance and performance level. Safety, security and blast mitigation is a serious issue and therefore it is vital to seek the best possible advice. It’s for his reason that the MSPP programme was established. As a member, staff at The Window Film Company have  undergone extensive training to ensure that not only are the installations carried out to the necessary standard, but to make sure that our staff are in a position to provide the appropriate help, guidance and advice throughout each project.

Via MSPP, The Window Film Company are able to offer the most up to date test data, certifications and warranty information as well as access to independent specialists and blast consultants to help deliver the most comprehensive solution possible.

In summary, when you engage The Window Film Company to deliver your project, you can expect:

  • Premium window film, backed by extensive research and testing.
  • Access to high performance anchoring and restraint systems.
  • Specially trained members of staff.
  • Advice and support from industry experts and consultants.
  • Extensive performance data.
  • The ultimate in protection against criminal or accidental damage, extreme weather, explosions and bomb-blast.

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