Printed White Ink on Frosted Window Film for Truth

Company branding on glass partitions and walls installation

With clients and offices across the globe, appearance and identity is of vital importance to marketing, communications and research experts Truth. They recognise that the working environment is a space that should be inspirational and conducive to creativity and in working alongside The Window Film Company, they made sure their London office is exactly that.

Truth’s brand identity includes an intricate combination of sketched drawings including beautifully illustrated plants and animals, and it was this fabulous detail that was to form the basis of this exciting project.

After liaising closely with trust over the final design, The Window Film Company used state of the art UV printing equipment to print the illustrations onto Frostbrite frosted film. By printing the designs in brilliant white ink, the results were vivid, distinct and striking.

The film was applied by one of The Window Film Company’s fully qualified, professional window film installation teams, ensuring a perfect application throughout the premises. The opaque nature of the frosted film provides privacy for the meeting rooms, whilst the unique design ensures a feast for the eyes of visitors and staff. The use of white ink is still relatively rare in the industry, and by using it, it was possible to create a light, bright environment – complimented by the natural light which the frosted film allows to flood the room.

Advances in printing and ink technology mean that the world of window film continues to evolve, with new innovations in printable media meaning more and more creative solutions are available to an increasingly large customer base.

The truth is, the only limit is your imagination…

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