Window Film to Block Sunlight and Heat

How to reduce the suns UV rays, light & excessive heat build up with window film

Window Film to Block Sunlight and Heat

Window film from The Window Film Company can be used to deliver a number of glass related issues, including the blocking of sunlight and heat. Each film offered by The Window Film Company is suitable for installation in a residential or commercial setting and will deliver premium performance.

Welcome to The Window Film Company, your home for the best quality window film. Our mission is to help you solve glass related issues, with stylish, long lasting and easy to install products. Read on for details on how you can beat the heat and address problems called by sunlight with an application of window tint or film.

Why window film?

Window film is an easy to apply, technically advanced product, that has been specially designed and developed to deliver the best possible performance, a straightforward install process and a long-lasting useful life. Available in a range of grades, appearances and finishes, window film is designed to be retro-fitted to existing windows and glazing, providing a cost efficient and easy to achieve way of blocking excess heat.

How does window film block heat?

While window film is a hugely effective way of stopping excess heat from entering your property, the way it works is relatively simple. The majority of solar control films give glazing a reflective external appearance once applied, and it is this mirrored effect that serves to reflect away a percentage of the sun’s energy before it can pass through the glass and into your home or office, continually raising the internal temperature.

The film is effective as it prevents a percentage of the heat from getting through the glass, stopping the build up of excess heat that eventually makes rooms, conservatories and offices uncomfortable. It’s important to note that solar control window film doesn’t block all of the heat, so it won’t make the internal temperature feel unduly cold – it is designed to stop only the excess heat, still allowing a percentage of the suns solar energy to pass through, meaning that you can enjoy the warmth of the sun without it becoming uncomfortable.

The Window Film Company supplied and installs a range of heat reducing window films, with each differing in appearance and performance, so to discuss which product is most suitable for your situation, please give a member of our team a call on 01494 794477 or email

Why is window film better than curtains or blinds?

Solar control window film is preferable to traditional methods of blocking the sun such as curtains or blinds for a number of reasons. Firstly, the film is more effective at heat rejection. While heat reduction window film works by bouncing away a portion of the heat before it has a chance to get into your property and add to the temperature, both blinds and curtains are set back from the glass, allowing heat to enter your property before trapping it in place. Simply put, curtains and blinds let excess heat in, while window film doesn’t.

The other benefits are practical ones. By shutting curtains and blinds you are blocking natural sunlight and immediately making the interior feel darker – not something that you want to do in the middle of the day. Shutting curtains and blinds will also block your view from the inside out. Some of the key benefits of having windows in the first place are that they provide natural light and an uninterrupted view, blocking these, particularly in the middle of the day is counter-productive.

Window films are also much easier to clean than curtains or blinds. Once you have installed the film, no special maintenance is required, you can simply clean your filmed glass as you would normally clean a window; just be careful not to use anything that would scratch the glass.

By reducing solar heat, your heat control window film will also reduce reliance on air conditioning; an expensive and potentially environmentally damaging solution for heat gain and excessively high temperatures. An application of reflective window film is not only effective but also cost-effective and better for the environment.

Blocking sunlight and glare

Glare can be a year-round problem. During the summer, the stronger sun can stream through windows making it hard to see or focus, while during winter months the lower lying position of the sun can cause similar issues. This can be a real problem both at home or in the workplace. At home, it can make it difficult to relax in front of the TV or to read, while in a workplace environment it can be uncomfortable to focus on work or colleagues. If you’re in need of an easy to fit glare reduction solution that reduces glare, then window film could well be the answer.

An application of solar control window film from The Window Film Company will help alleviate any glare issues, cutting out the harshest of the sunlight without making it feel dark. The amount of light filtered will depend on the type of window film chosen – each window film has a different performance level, so for more advice on which film is right for your requirements, please contact a member of the team by calling 01494 794477 or email

Fight fading with window film

Fading can be an expensive and disruptive problem. Often the problem isn’t obvious until it is too late, with flooring, upholstery, furniture, artwork or other valuables that are in direct sunlight ending up discoloured or damaged.

Fading is caused by three major factors; UV rays, heat and light. UV rays are the biggest single contributing factor to fading and an application of window film from The Window Film Company will block up to 99% of these harmful rays, serving to slow down the fading process. The film will also reduce heat and glare, further helping to mitigate against the effect of fading, but please be aware that the only way to stop fading completely is to block out all heat and light – not something that is practical or desirable.

UV protection is delivered by the majority of our window films, including heat reflecting window films that give your glass the appearance of mirrored windows. If you’d prefer not to have the reflective mirror look, you don’t have to choose from our reflective films when it comes to UV protection; our UV Clear film is, as the name suggests, a clear film designed specifically to block UV rays without giving the external appearance of a mirror.

Complete sunlight blocking

It is possible to completely block the sunlight with window film. This requires the use of solid coloured vinyl for windows, available in a wide range of vibrant shades including solid white and solid black. This film will block the view and the light completely, but isn’t suitable for use on all types of glass, so if this is a product that you think might benefit your situation, please contact a member of The Window Film Company’s team on 01494 794477 or email for details on this specific window film.

The Window Film Company also offers a range of window films that will block the view while allowing natural light through the glass. This performance is delivered perfectly by Frostbrite frosted film, a product that when applied will give glazing the appearance of acid-etched or sandblasted glass as soon as it is applied.

How do I install window film to block heat?

Installing window film for excess heat is a straightforward process. Each order placed online is supplied with a free plastic application squeegee and printed fitting instructions that provide easy to follow step by step guidance. The first stage is to thoroughly clean the panes that you are applying window film to; the cleaner the window, the more effective the film will be and the easier the install will feel.

Once the window has been thoroughly cleaned, create a soapy water solution by adding a few drops of washing up liquid to a plant spray bottle full of water. Remove the backing sheet from the window film and then use the spray bottle to cover the exposed side of the film with soapy water. Then do the same with the window, making sure to cover both the film and window with water. Then take the film to the pane, allowing it to flow into place. The soapy water solution will allow you to move the film around the pane until it is in the exact position you require. Once in place, use the free application squeegee to push all the remaining moisture out from under the film and to the edge of the frame before using a clean cloth or kitchen towel to soak up and dry the water that is left.

If your job is a bigger project or you’d simply rather someone else handled the installation for you, then The Window Film Company can take care of the fitting as well as the film. Our teams of installers are fully qualified and vastly experienced, able to deliver a high quality finish whatever the circumstances.

For more information about our nationwide fitting service or for advice on which window film would work best for you, please contact a member of the team by calling 01494 794477 or email