Solar Control and Privacy Window Film for Huel

Huel is a successful, multinational supplier of nutritionally advanced foods, with their UK headquarters in Hertfordshire. The Window Film Company is proud to have completed an installation of window film to alleviate heat and glare, and to deliver a ground floor privacy solution.

As experts in the supply and installation of window film for a host of situations, The Window Film Company was approached for two solutions at this extensive premises, with a solution for excess heat and privacy sought.

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The modern, 10,000 square foot office boasts large windows throughout, with the glazing providing both a view and welcome levels of natural light, combing to deliver an atmosphere conducive to creativity and productivity. There were two issues however.

Due to their location, a number of panes were allowing excess levels of heat to pass through the glass, making the desks nearby uncomfortable to work at. In addition, on bright days, glare was also an issue, making it difficult to comfortably focus on screens, colleagues or paperwork. A window film was required that would address these issues, while still allowing for good levels of natural light and maintaining the view.

Elsewhere, on the ground floor, a number of windows provided an unwanted view to the inside of the premises and a stylish privacy window film was required.


After discussions with the client it was agreed that Climate 35 would be used to deliver the necessary heat and glare reduction, with privacy provided by Frostbrite frosted window film.

Climate 35 is a high performance solar control film, specially designed and developed to deliver effective solar control (total solar energy rejection of 68%) while still allowing for excellent natural light transmission. The film has been created to ensure a more neutral internal appearance, meaning a less impactful aesthetic impact to the inside of the glass, while giving the external side of the glass a sleek and stylish reflective appearance.

Frostbrite is designed to give glazing the appearance of acid-etched or sandblasted glass, blocking the view from both sides without sacrificing natural light. It is a cost effective way of achieving both privacy and a stylish new look for glass, without the need for expensive replacement glazing.


The two films were applied to the appropriate locations by one of The Window Film Company’s vastly experienced and fully qualified fitting experts, with both films effective immediately when in place. The heat and glare reduction was achieved without sacrificing the positive benefits of glass, while removing the unwanted side effects of heat and glare. The Frostbrite delivered a stylish new look, in keeping with the rest of the premises while also delivering the primary function of privacy, both films delivering a happy combination of style and performance.

Project Summary

  • Climate 35 application for heat and glare reduction
  • Total solar energy rejection: 68%
  • Glare reduction: 60%
  • UV light rejected: 99%
  • Frostbrite frosted film for privacy
  • Delivers a stylish forested effect and privacy without sacrificing natural light
  • Project completed at Huel’s UK HQ in Hertfordshire