GullWing Anchoring System & SafetyShield Window Film

Increased window security and safety using window film and the GullWing system

An application of window film will provide your building with a valuable additional layer of valuable protection, but applying the film in conjunction with an attachment system such as GullWing will deliver the most comprehensive security possible.  

As an approved supplier and installer, The Window Film Company is able to offer the GullWing Attachment System. This system uses a flexible membrane that is attached to both the filmed glass and the window frame, serving to hold them both in place in the event of an explosion or attempted security breach.

As an attachment system, with the sole aim of GullWing is to prevent the filmed glass from leaving the window frame, helping mitigate against injury or damage inside the building. It works by absorbing the additional energy that the glass is subjected to and redistributing it across the opening.

The system is installed after the installation of SafetyShield window film and the flexible membrane expands when the glass is acted on by an outside force, effectively absorbing a portion of the energy whilst ensuring that the glass and film remain within the frame. This system is available in three different sizes in order to accommodate different window frames, with the membrane available in either black or grey. 

Safety, Security and blast mitigation is a serious issue and it is of vital importance that the correct solution is provided for each individual set of circumstances. These can vary due to the type of building, the design of the windows and the type of threat faced, so we always recommend contacting us directly to discuss your specific situation. The Window Film Company has a team of experts who have been specially trained to deliver advice on the usage of these systems, so to learn more about the best course of action for your particular project, please call us on 01494 797808 or email

When it comes to blast mitigation, a risk assessment is always an important part of the process. By carrying out such an assessment, it is possible to identify the type of threat and possible results, enabling us to make the most appropriate suggestion for your situation. If you haven't had a professional risk assessment, The Window Film Company can arrange for one to be completed by an industry expert.

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Please note that in our role as an authorised installer of these products, it is The Window Film Company that will suggest the appropriate product or solution for your situation. No installation will take place until the appropriate assessments have been carried out by our team of specially trained experts.