Bespoke Printed Graphics for Aston Hearing

By using state of the art print technology and high-quality window films and printable media, The Window Film company is vastly experienced in delivering eye-catching window displays for clients throughout the UK. This project saw the creation and installation of colourful graphics for a newly renovated premises in South Oxfordshire.

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When Aston Hearing moved into their new premises in Thame, one of the main selling points of the property was the extensive glass frontage. The large windows provided the ideal surface for adding full colour graphics and signage, perfect for alerting visitors to the company’s presence while also raising brand awareness in the vicinity.

The Window Film Company was approached to print and install brightly coloured panels, featuring text that provided details about the company and the services, with a view to changing the graphics on a regular basis to maintain a fresh appearance and interest.


The team at Aston Hearing were able to provide the artwork they required, while a survey of the glazing by a representative from The Window Film Company provided the dimensions of the glazing. This in turn allowed for the creation of an initial proof; the first part of the process carried out by The Window Film Company’s in-house print and graphics team.

With the proof agreed by the project managers at Aston Hearing, production could commence. Each panel was printed using Frostbrite frosted window film, a long lasting and durable window film that, once installed and in its unprinted state, gives glazing the appearance of acid etched or sandblasted glass. It also provides an excellent surface on which to print, meaning it is an excellent option for delivering vibrant displays. To ensure an even more striking appearance, it was agreed that the print would be backed in white; a multi layered printing process that involves a final layer of white ink being applied to the film. This provides a more solid background for the graphics, in turn allowing them to stand out when applied to the glass. As you can see from the pictures, this process doesn’t mean that the reverse of the film will take on a solid white appearance, meaning that the colourful graphics are visible from the inside, too.


The film was installed by a team of The Window Film Company’s expert fitters, with each panel carefully applied to the internal face of each pane of glass. Once in place, the graphics transformed the appearance of the premises, delivering bright, vivid graphics, branding elements and a range of information about the company, providing a professional and welcoming appearance for the new property.

Project Summary 

  • Bespoke Printed Graphics for display and branding purposes
  • Printed in full colour by The Window Film Company
  • Backed in white for extra vibrancy
  • Installed by The Window Film Company