Solar Control Film installation for the NHS in Chelmsford

The Window Film Company was approached by management at an NHS facility in Chelmsford, where a large, three-sided, multi-storey expanse of glazing was enduring uncomfortably high temperatures and glare.

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The premises benefitted from a stylish frontage comprised almost entirely of glazing. This design delivered a contemporary external appearance and also allowed for excellent levels of natural light within the entrance area and stairwells. However, with no mitigation in place, the area quickly overheated during warmer weather.

If glass is left untreated, the sun’s energy can pass through unchecked, steadily increasing the internal temperature until it becomes unpleasant or uncomfortable. Glare can also be a year round issue, with the changing angle of the sun and resultant light sometimes making it difficult to comfortably focus the eye.

With a total of 78 large panels of glazing and over 130 square metres of glass making up the three-sided entrance block, heat and glare was a consistent issue and The Window Film Company was approached for a solution.


While air conditioning can alleviate excess heat issues, it is an expensive option while also being problematic from an environmental point of view. Therefore, a suitable window film was sought. Having assessed the location it was agreed that High Reflective Silver would be the most appropriate product. A high performance solar control window film, it takes on a reflective external appearance during daylight hours, and its this mirrored property that serves to bounce away a percentage of the sun’s solar energy before it can pass through the glass and into the premises, raising the internal temperature as it does so.

By rejecting a percentage of the heat, the film serves to slow down the build up of excess warmth,  helping to create a more manageable internal temperature without making it cold, without blocking the view from the inside and without preventing the valuable transmission of natural light.

This film also serves to reduce glare, the properties of the film serving to reduce the harshest and brightest of the sunlight to help ensure a more comfortable internal environment. The film also delivers the added benefit of blocking up to 99% of the sun’s potentially harmful UV rays - the biggest single contributing factor to fade damage.

The design of the interior and the fact that it was spread across three floors meant that an internal application wasn’t possible, so it was agreed that the film used would be an external grade version of the film and applied to the outside face using powered access equipment to reach the entirety of the glass facade.


The film was applied to the external face of each of the 78 panes by a team of The Window Film Company’s fully qualified and hugely experienced fitters. Once in place, the film was effective immediately, rejecting excess heat, reducing glare and blocking potentially harmful UV rays, while still allowing excellent levels of natural light to pass through.

The aesthetic appearance was also improved, with the film delivering a contemporary, professional look.

Project Summary 

  • Solar control heat reduction required
  • External grade film required due to internal obstructions
  • High Reflective Silver window film chosen for high performance solar control
  • Film delivers additional benefits including glare reduction and UV protection
  • Applied to over 130 square metres across three floors
  • Powered access equipment (cherry picker) used for installation