Custom Graphics for Cunningham Eves

The Window Film Company has created and applied printed graphics to the glazing of a Leatherhead premises, delivering stylish and professional privacy during a period of refurbishment.

With work going on inside the newly acquired property, Leatherhead based Cunningham Eves contacted The Window Film Company to provide a stylish, durable and temporary privacy solution.

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Before the team Cunningham Eves could move into their new High Street location, external internal refurbishment work was required. The property benefits from large windows at the front, so the decision was made to add window film to the glazing to block the view while the works took place.

It was also decided that the privacy solution should also serve to deliver a fully branded display, blocking the view to the inside while also showcasing the company brand and ensuring a stylish and professional look for the duration of the work. 


It was agreed that the best course of action would be the application of a vinyl window film to the external face of the glazing. Access issues and the nature of the work being conducted inside the property meant that an internal application wasn’t possible. It was therefore important that a tough and durable film was used.

Vinyl window film provided the ideal solution as it was tough and durable enough for an external application, while also providing the ideal surface on which to print.

The Window Film Company uses state of the art print technology to recreate graphics and artwork in perfect detail, allowing in this case for a hugely realistic rendering of the client supplied graphics - a realistic brick wall effect, including the company logo and a “coming soon” message.

The quality of the artwork combined with the high performance print technology and premium vinyl window film, ensured that the appearance was stylish, realistic, eye-catching and professional, delivering both the necessary privacy and a fully branded, aesthetically pleasing display. 


The vinyl was applied to the glazing by a team of The Window Film Company’s fully qualified and vastly experienced installers, covering the glazing and the glass partition in the property’s door to deliver privacy alongside a fully branded, large scale window display.

The quality of the film meant that it would remain in place for as long as necessary, while the works continued inside the property, away from the gaze of the passing public.

Project Summary

  • Temporary privacy required for the duration of internal refurbishment
  • External film required as internal application not possible
  • Fully branded, full colour solution required to raise awareness and deliver a stylish appearance
  • Hard wearing and durable window vinyl the chosen material
  • Full coverage print in full colour
  • Realistic artwork recreated in perfect detail
  • Installed by a team of The Window Film Company’s qualified fitters.