Contra Vision for Private Hire Company

Contra Vision is a patented print technique that delivers one-way graphics for glass. Using state of the art print equipment, The Window Film Company used the Contra Vision “Impress” method to create and install an eye-catching window display for a London based private hire company.

The brief supplied was clear:

  • The creation of a stylish, colourful and memorable window display.
  • A solution that would maintain the view from the inside out.

To meet both requirements, The Window Film Company suggested the Contra Vision Impress method of creating one-way graphics. The technique requires the printing of several layers of colour onto optically clear window film, starting with a layer of black lines, then a layer of white followed by the colour print that forms the desired graphics or design detail.

Whenever possible, window film is applied to the internal face of the glass; this ensures that the film has as long an effective life as possible. With no access issues, an internal application of film was agreed, which in turn meant that the graphics had to be printed in reverse to ensure that they appeared in the correct way when viewed from the outside. This meant that the Impress print method was carried out in reverse, with the graphics printed first, followed by a layer of white and a layer of black.

Using graphics were created and supplied by the client; over 12 linear metres of film were printed on one of The Window Film Company’s wide format printers. Each panel was carefully checked and trimmed by hand to ensure that each panel was created to the exact specification required ahead of installation.

The fitting process had two stages. Before the installation could take place, the existing film had to be removed from the glass. The work was undertaken by one of The Window Film Company’s experienced and fully qualified fitting teams, who removed the film carefully but efficiently, ensuring that the surface was clear and clean ahead of the fresh installation.

The size of the windows meant that the film had to be installed with a join. This is where the experience and skill of our fitters comes into its own, with the team able to fit the film so that the join was all but invisible to the naked eye, ensuring that the graphics flowed perfectly from one pane to the next.

The completed install saw the windows transformed into a bright and vibrant display that is certain to catch the eye of passers-by. The graphics also serve as a powerful branding tool, whilst also providing important information such as opening hours, social media details and contact information. All of this was achieved without blocking the view from the inside, allowing customers or those working inside the premises an uninterrupted view to the exterior.