Bespoke Printed Graphics for Surrey Hospital

The Window Film Company has completed the print and installation of a vibrant range of printed graphics to glazing at a Surrey hospital, dramatically improving the look and feel of a large expanse of glazing.

Printed graphics are a cost efficient and highly effective way of upgrading the look of premises, with The Window Film Company able to print full colour, bespoke graphics, imagery, signage or branding onto a range of media, suitable for a host of different surfaces. This project saw the printing of vibrant imagery onto a durable and long-lasting vinyl film, delivering a long lasting and impactful decorative solution.

Window Film Requirement

The project brief was to improve the appearance of a large expanse of glass in one of the main corridors in a Surrey based hospital. The view through the windows was uninspiring and dull, so the decision was taken to decorate the glass with a more aesthetically pleasing finish. The solution would need to replace the dull and dreary view with a bright and vibrant recreation of a range of different scenes, including a sun kissed beach and a lush forest.

The Window Film Company Solution

The team at the hospital had agreed on the imagery they wanted recreated on the glass, with the requirement being that each image was recreated in perfect detail on a surface that was long lasting, durable and easy to clean. It was agreed that the most suitable product would be The Window Film Company’s white vinyl. The flawless white surface makes it the ideal surface on which to print, while it has also been developed to be tough wearing and resistant, perfect for use in a busy hospital corridor. The surface of the vinyl is also easy to clean with standard cleaning products; a vital consideration for a location where high levels of cleanliness are a key consideration.

With The Window Film Company’s print and graphics team (all graphics are created in-house using state-of-the-art wide format print technology) in receipt of measurements of each of the 26 large windows, including the frame gaps between each pane, they were able to scale the images perfectly, ensuring they flowed seamlessly from window to window down the length of the corridor.

Each panel was printed and precision cut using computer cutting technology, before being quality assessed and checked by hand ahead of installation.

Print and Installation

With the hospital open and busy at all times, The Window Film Company’s operations team liaised closely with the team there to establish and confirm the best time and date for fitting; with the primary focus being completing the work to an exemplary standard and with the minimum of disruption.

The Window Film Company’s installation teams are fully qualified and accomplished and were able to use there hard earned skills and experience to complete the project on time, to the high standards expected by the hospital and with the minimum of fuss, enabling the hospital’s operations to continue uninterrupted.

The end result was the total transformation of a large section of the hospital, with a dull view being replaced by a range of bright, welcoming images, created in stunning full colour, helping to deliver a much-improved environment for patients, staff and visitors.

Project Summary

  • Decorative solution for hospital corridor windows.
  • Printed in full colour onto durable vinyl.
  • Applied to the internal face of glass, long lasting and easy to maintain.
  • Replaces uninspiring view with vibrant imagery.
  • Graphics printed, prepared and installed by The Window Film Company.