Printed Graphics Boards for Oxford United FC

The tunnel area of a football stadium is one of the most important locations in the ground, playing host to the intensity of pre-match, the brief respite of half time and the after game post mortem. Here at The Window Film Company, we’re proud to have played a part in shaping the appearance of this vital location at Oxford United’s Kassam Stadium.

We were approached to deliver an eye-catching series of graphics throughout the tunnel and adjoining corridors, with the aim being to give the area a clear sense of identity and to portray the pride and passion of all those involved with the club.

Each of the walls was slightly different in terms of the finish, so to ensure that the graphics appeared consistent throughout, it was agreed that the artwork would be printed on a series of lightweight boards and affixed side by side. The graphics were supplied by the club and featured custom-created action shots of each of the Oxford United playing squad.

Each panel was printed using The Window Film Company’s Oce Arizona flatbed printer, a state of the art machine that allows for high quality print in large format.  The boards were slightly different in size, meaning that each piece of artwork had to be created to meet the exact size specifications of the allocated board. The measurements were obtained during a site survey, undertaken by one of The Window Film Company’s experienced installation technicians.

As part of the project, a sample board was printed and supplied so it could be viewed in situ – providing a first-hand illustration as to how the boards would appear and perform. The sample was approved and print production could begin.

The other important factor in the project was timing. It was imperative that the graphics were installed ahead of the season, with a strict deadline in place for the project completion. Two days were allotted for the work, with the dates agreed by The Window Film Company’s dedicated operations team who liaised with contacts at the club to ensure that uninterrupted access was going to be possible for the duration of the install project.

The boards were installed over the two day period by a two man fitting team, working methodically through the corridors, culminating in the tunnel area. Once complete, the graphics totally transformed the look and feel of the area, giving it a professional and inspirational feel with an unmistakable sense of identity.

To see the installation in action and for footage of the completed work, please enjoy the video case study below.

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