Bathroom Window Film Designs

Bathroom window privacy & window frosting films for the bathroom & shower room

Let in the light and yet maintain privacy in your bathroom by choosing one of our beautiful frosted bathroom window film designs. Whether it is for privacy or an added splash of décor, window film from The Window Film Company provides the perfect addition to your bathroom.

Our window film collection is awash with stylish designs, with a whole host of styles and themes to choose from. While the film is beautiful and delicate looking, it’s also tough and durable, making it perfect for use on shower screens. The film is provided cut to your exact size specifications, is easy to fit and has been specially developed to withstand condensation and moisture.

Whether you’d like Whitby window film in your wet room or a hint of the seaside for your shower screen window film, we’re proud to present our collection of stunning window films for bathrooms. 

To order any of the window films suitable for use in the bathroom, or the showroom for that matter, all we need to know is the size of your bathroom windows, you just need to measure the window width and window height. Our frosted bathroom window film patterns are computer cut to your exact specifications, so please be as accurate as you can. Each order is supplied with a plastic squeegee to aid installation, along with easy to follow printed fitting instructions. 

We also have a range of window films for the kitchen, that not only help with window privacy but will add stylish decoration into any kitchen.