Glass Manifestation Designs

Manifestation glass safety stickers and markings

The Window Film Company are specialists in the design, supply and installation of Glass Manifestation designs, for use on glass partitions, windows, shopfronts and in residential properties.

Glass manifestation is necessary on glass of certain size in certain locations, with the primary function to make the glass visible. Large expanses of clear glass can often be difficult to detect, making them potentially hazardous. Glass manifestation is placed at strategic locations on the glass, the contrast between the manifestation and the glazing making it easy to spot, preventing potential accidents.

Glass manifestation is traditionally created from a frosted film, with The Window Film Company's range of Frostbrite film provides a classic sandblasted, acid-etched effect, delivering a contemporary, stylish manifestation solution. A range of standard designs are available, including dots, squares and simple bands, and whilst these designs are popular, The Window Film Company is able to provide fully bespoke, manifestation.

Whilst glass manifestation regulations do dictate where and when manifestation should appear, there are no requirements as to how it should appear. This allows for flexibility when deciding on your design. As long as the film that is chosen provides a contrast between its appearance and that of the glass, it is serving its purpose by making the glass apparent, and with a wide range of film offered by The Window Film Company, it is possible to be creative with your choice.

Manifestation can also take the form of logos or other designs, making glass manifestation the ideal product to bring an extra design element to your windows and glass. Using state of the art cutting and print facilities, The Window Film Company can recreate your design, or create one on your behalf, providing you with a way of making a feature from a functional requirement.

For a unique manifestation marking, consider Fabricize™ fabric film. A beautiful film with a textured, fabric finish, it is available in three shades (black, white and pebble) and can also be printed to feature branding elements, text or other imagery and designs. 

The Window Film Company are able to help with every stage of the manifestation process; from advising on the legal requirements to providing advice on film type, all the way through too creating your design and installing it on your behalf. For more information about glass manifestation and how we can help, contact us today on 01494 794477.