Custom Window Graphics for London Restaurant

The Window Film Company designed, printed and installed custom graphics for a London restaurant, delivering a stylish display as well as providing an element of privacy.

The brief contained three requirements. Firstly, the creation of bespoke graphics, secondly, the application of a window film featuring the custom graphics and finally, privacy for diners eating inside the property.

One of the most popular choices for privacy is The Window Film Company’s Frostbrite frosted film. Its popularity is borne from the fact that it delivers privacy in a stylish, contemporary fashion – giving glass the appearance of acid etched or sandblasted glass when applied. The film has been developed to allow for excellent levels of light transmission, meaning that, crucially, it will block the view but not the light.

In addition, it provides an excellent surface for printing onto, allowing for graphics, images or wording to be perfectly reproduced in full, vibrant colour. Samples of the film were provided to the restaurant owners, allowing them to experience the appearance of the film in different light conditions and at various times of the day. With the product meeting requirements, the project could continue.

The next phase was the creation of the custom graphics. The restaurant owners requested a “word cloud” style design, providing The Window Film Company’s in-house graphics team with a range of food related words and phrases. The experienced team put together a design using different fonts and sizes that delivered the perfect combination of style and theme, with the arrangement of phrases providing an eye-catching display as well as a clear indication as to what the restaurant offers.

With the film type agreed and the artwork approved, the four large panels were printed, creating a unique and stylish display for the lower portion of the restaurant’s street facing windows. The graphics were printed using state of the art wide format print technology, before being finished and checked by hand ahead of installation.

The film was reverse printed so that when it was installed to the internal side of the glazing, the graphics, mainly comprising wording in a range of differing fonts, could be read from the outside. Whilst external applications are possible, an internal fitting is always preferable as it results in an extended lifespan.

The installation took place outside restaurant opening hours, at a time and date agreed in advance between the restaurant owners and The Window Film Company’s dedicated operations team. The printed Frostbrite film was installed across four large panels by one of our fully qualified and vastly experienced fitters, ensuring the perfect finish and an immediately improved aesthetic alongside an element of privacy for those working or eating inside the restaurant.

The end product ensured that the restaurant stood out to passers-by, grabbing their attention and delivering the impression of a stylish, professional and welcoming establishment. The second half of the brief was also fulfilled, with the frosted film providing effective yet subtle privacy without sacrificing natural light.