Safety Window Film Install at Hilton Hotel, Islington

The Window Film Company is proud to have completed an extensive installation of safety film throughout the Hilton hotel in Islington, London.

By applying clear safety film to shower screens in bedrooms throughout the hotel, The Window Film Company has delivered an extra layer of safety and peace of mind.

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The Hilton Hotel in Islington is a popular venue for tourists and visitors to the nearby Islington Design Centre. As a busy venue, safety is paramount, and The Window Film company was engaged to help ensure that the glass shower screens in the en-suite bathrooms throughout the hotel were as tough, durable and safe as possible.

As should always be the case with shower screens, the glass was already toughened and therefore met all safety regulations and requirements, but on this occasion, the hotel had decided to take extra precautions and made the decision to add window film to the glass to ensure an extra layer of protection. The Window Film Company was contacted for the appropriate solution.


Following discussions with the project managers at the hotel, it was agreed that 175 Micron safety film would be applied to both sides of the shower screens in 122 of the hotel’s bedrooms. The product is a clear window film that when applied is virtually invisible to the naked eye, delivering an almost invisible added layer or protection and safety.

The film’s primary function is to ensure that in the event of accidental or malicious breakage, it breaks in as safe a fashion as is possible. This is achieved by holding broken glass in position, holding it together in the frame instead of allowing it to form dangerous sharp shards that fall in on themselves, potentially causing damage or injury.

The film was installed by a team of The Window Film Company’s fully qualified fitters, with the film applied to both sides of the glass.


With the film in place, there was no aesthetic change to the appearance of the shower screens, with the film serving to provide an additional layer of invisible protection against breakage, damage and injury. Each shower screen was fitted with a kite mark to certify the installation.

The film, while undetectable, provided both the hotel and its future guests with an added layer of protection and long lasting peace of mind.

Project Summary

  • 175 Micron Safety Film applied to both sides of shower screens.
  • Invisible but highly effective window film.
  • Film serves to hold glass together in the event of breakage.
  • Window film applied in 122 rooms across 4 floors.