Printed Graphics and Digital Wallpaper for Longdean Academy

The Window Film Company is proud to have brought to life a stunning bespoke design, printing custom created graphics onto digital wallpaper for a refurbished school gym facility.

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Printed graphics can instantly transform both glass and other surfaces, with The Window Film Company using state of the art print technology and high-quality printable media to deliver full size, floor to ceiling graphics, with this project seeing the perfect reproduction of a stunning, custom created design.


Longdean Academy in Hertfordshire contacted The Window Film Company to help with the decoration of a newly refurbished, state of the art gym facility. The space boasts brand new, state of the art equipment and it was felt that an impressive, professional looking and inspiring decorative finish was appropriate.

Staff at the school contacted talented illustrator Spencer Wilson, providing him with a brief to create a custom design to be featured on the two large walls of the gym. The brief asked that the design featured a nod to the school’s sporting heritage and success, included the school’s badge, all while delivering a welcoming and inspiring environment for students.

The graphics Spencer designed were fabulous. Bright, vibrant and eye-catching, delivering on every part of the brief. The task now was to get them printed and onto the walls…


With a full understanding of what was required, the team at The Window Film Company were able to suggest digital wallpaper as the most appropriate solution. A long lasting and durable product, digital wallpaper has been specially developed to provide the ideal surface on which to print, while also being ideal for use in busy, high traffic locations.

The surface of the wallpaper means that once in place it can be cleaned using standard cleaning materials, serving to keep the graphics and the walls looking bright and vibrant for as long as possible.

With the measurements of both walls received, including details of doors and other protrusions, The Window Film Company’s in -house graphics team used latex wide format printers to print the graphics onto the wallpaper, before using computer cutting technology to precision cut each panel. Each individual piece was then checked by hand before being despatched with a team of The Window Film Company’s vastly experienced and fully qualified installers.


The work took place at a time and date agreed by the client and The Window Film Company’s operations team, with the logistical considerations of fitting at a school requiring specific attention.

The work was completed inside a day, with wallpaper being applied to over 33 square metres of wall. The end result delivered the total transformation of the facility to feature, bright, vibrant, striking imagery, serving as a tribute to the success of the school, while also providing an inspirational and enjoyable atmosphere for existing students and facility users.

Project Summary

  • Large scale decorative solution for gym walls.
  • Bespoke graphics created specifically for the project.
  • Graphics printed in full color on latex printer.
  • Walls both over 3m in height.
  • Total coverage of over 33 square metres.
  • Digital wallpaper provides a vibrant finish that is also long lasting and durable.