Stained-Glass Effect for London Home

The Window Film Company used high quality coloured window film to create stained glass effect glazing as part of the refurbishment of a substantial property in London.

With new windows being installed throughout the large period house, The Window Film Company were approached to provide a solution for giving the new glass the appearance of the stained glass glazing they replaced.

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As part of an extensive programme of refurbishment, all of the windows in a large London home had been replaced. The original glazing featured stained glass in the upper panes, and as part of  planning permission requirements, it was necessary that this feature be retained. It was important that the original appearance was recreated as closely and faithfully as possible, and The Window Film Company was approached for a solution.


Rainbow Window Film from The Window Film Company is a simple but highly effective way of changing the colour of glass. Available in a range of vibrant shades, it will immediately change the colour of glazing without clocking the view or sacrificing light. When used in conjunction with other colours, it is the perfect solution for recreating a stained-glass effect.

The company undertaking the refurbishment were able to supply details of the previous stained-glass pattern, allowing The Window Film Company to supply and install the appropriate colours in the appropriate panes. Different coloured rainbow film was carefully applied to 128 panes throughout the property by a team of The Window Film Company’s talented technicians, cutting each piece so each pane had a perfect colour transformation.


With the film in place, the glass was instantly transformed, taking on a vibrant and stylish stained-glass effect, with the pattern matching the original coloured glass.

The result meant that planning regulations had been meant in a cost and time effective fashion, with the ultimate finish looking bright, stylish, welcoming and in keeping with the property and local area.

Project Summary

  • Stained Glass effect required as part of planning regulations 
  • Rainbow window film retro fitted to new glass to provide stained glass appearance
  • Rainbow films transforms the colour of glass without blocking light or the view
  • Applied to 128 panes, each piece of film precision cut for a perfect finish
  • Installed by teams of The Window Film Company’s fully qualified fitters