Nov 07 2011

We were asked to provide some inspiring images, printed onto film to provide some privacy and decoration for the National Tennis Centre facility; home to British tennis.

After consulting with the LTA, it was agreed that we’d create ‘dot matrix’ style images using existing photographs of four tennis players currently based at the centre. This approach allowed for a striking, modern appearance, and by not identifying the players involved ensured that the graphics would stay current for the foreseeable future.

Our in-house design team created the visuals before using a state of the art UV printer to print the images in white ink onto frosted film. The use of white ink meant a crisp, bright and vivid finish, whilst the frosted ‘Frostbrite’ film provided the necessary privacy. The film was fitted in November 2011.

Frostbrite is the perfect choice if you are looking for two-way privacy, completely cutting out the visibility whilst still allowing high levels of natural light to pass through. 

In addition to the supply and printing of film, our graphics and design team have the ability to create bespoke designs, just like the ones for the LTA, so if you would like more information on how we can bring your windows to life, please call one of the team on 01494 794477.