Sep 07 2011

We were originally contacted by the architect and designer GHM Rock
Townsend, who are based in SE1, to assist with their design concepts.

They wanted to create a design which would offer an element of privacy
as people walked down the corridor, so that students within the
classrooms would not be distracted.

Rather than just a plain band of frosted window film, GHM wanted to use elements of
design from other parts of the building and the university's brand. It
was decided that the central band should be created from computer cut
crystal etch circles, which touch each other.

The positioning of the dots does not totally hide the view, but it does
make vision though harder as you walk past.

A touch of colour was also used on the doors to make them stand out from
the glass partitions. We digitally printed the required colours onto a
clear film, with white ink on the reverse to make the colour stand out a
bit more. For the door numbers we used yellow ink to show the floor
number, and clear dots were left in the film for the room number.

A full height directional print in the form of an arrow was also used at
the end of the corridors to point students to the nearest exit and

Overall the effect is outstanding and without doubt offers an excellent
finishing touch to the project which had been completed by Parkeray.

From the initial survey on site, we manufactured the film and installed
within the required timeframe of two weeks.

GHM Rock Townsend