Oct 08 2012

Here at The Window Film Company, we pride ourselves on our experience and knowledge – our trained staff are always on hand to advise as to the correct type of film for your project. We also know that sometimes our customers don’t always know what they want until they see it, so we have a dedicated graphics team who are able to take you through the design process. On other occasions, clients know exactly what they want, and that was the case recently, when we created and installed a stunning window display for a well known London Estate Agent.

With London at the heart of this particular company’s business, a London vista was the obvious choice for their window display. After consulting with the client, it was agreed that the design should be printed in full colour onto optically clear film. This is an increasingly popular option for graphics based jobs, as it allows for the recreation of very intricate and detailed designs, without the need for cutting or weeding, which can be a time consuming and sometimes costly process. 

By printing on optically clear film using our state of the art UV printer, we can achieve bright, vibrant colours, including the rare option to print in white – a function that was utilised in this particular job. The film can then be applied direct to the glazing, with the areas that don’t feature any print or graphics remaining completely see through and invisible to the naked eye. 

The use of optically clear film allows us to recreate the illusion of cut graphics in a far more efficient manner, making it far more cost effective for our clients, without sacrificing any of the quality or appearance. 

In this case the iconic London skyline, including iconic images such as Big Ben and the London Eye were reproduced in striking white, blue and pink, creating a memorable and eye-catching window display.