Sep 21 2012

With innovations in film manufacture and advances in printing technology, there is now very little that can’t be achieved in the world of window film. This is a fact clearly not lost on our clients who are coming to us with increasingly exciting and inventive briefs.

One job that caught our eye recently was a print job for Brunel University. The University supplied us with five designs that they required printed in full colour onto our Frostbrite frosted film. Each image was an intriguing looking pattern that upon first inspection appeared to be a set of nicely put together designs. The truth however was far more interesting – each of the images was a graphical representation of what words look like when spoken.

The images show the result of the words ‘Touch’ ‘Exist’ (both pictured right) ‘Feel and ‘I’ being spoken into a special piece of equipment that transforms the sound into an image, as well as showing what it looks like when you sigh. The Window Film Company offices are always busy and noisy - we’re no stranger to the sound of constant chatter, so it was really interesting for everyone to see what the spoken word looks like in this form.

Frostbrite frosted film is the perfect film for achieving privacy or obscuring the view through glazing, without sacrificing natural light. An application of this film will give your glass a classic sandblasted appearance, whilst the nature of the film means it is also suitable for printing on. By adding graphics, images or logos to Frostbrite film, it is possible to achieve privacy whilst also adding a vivid, eye-catching, bespoke feature to your glazing.

Our in-house graphics and print team are always on hand to help bring your ideas and creations to life, our fully trained staff are available to talk you through your film options and we have a team of nationwide installers poised and ready to fit the film of your choice, so give us a call today on 01494 794477 and find out what we can do for you and your glass.