Nov 14 2013

An application of digital wallpaper is an effective way of adding bespoke images and designs to walls and surfaces. Printed and installed by The Window Film Company, digital wallpaper was the chosen method of decoration for Putney High School, which was undergoing a major renovation programme.

The durable nature of digital wallpaper means it is the ideal choice for high traffic locations, and with the canteen one of the busiest rooms in the school, wallpaper was the perfect choice when deciding on the finish for the walls.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it had been decided that the theme of the décor was to be food. Bright, vivid images of fruit and other healthy foods were identified and passed to The Window Film Company for printing. By using state of the art UV printers and high quality inks, it is possible to recreate images and graphics in perfect detail at almost any size. With details of each wall provided, The Window Film Company’s in-house graphics and print team were able to prepare and print each design to exact specifications.

In addition to the wallpaper, an extra decorative element was required to brighten up some of the numerous pillars that formed the canteen structure.  It was agreed that the columns would be decorated with the names of different kinds of food. The words were cut from coloured vinyl, with each column having a different colour scheme. The Window Film Company used computer cutting techniques to provide a perfect reproduction of the lettering at the exact size required.

Proofs were supplied for both aspects of the job and once approved, an installation date was agreed. With several aspects of the renovation dependent on the successful installation of the wallpaper and vinyl, the installation date took careful planning. Such logistical issues are handled by the Operations Team, who also take care of detail such as pre-qualification questionnaires, access equipment, accreditation and any other issues that may arise.

The installation was carried out by one of The Window Film Company’s trained teams, their experience and attention to detail ensuring the perfect finish. Once installed the walls of the canteen were instantly transformed, immediately changing the look and feel of the room. The bright, vivid images made it an inviting and pleasant environment, with the presence of colour throughout in keeping with the vibrant and energetic environment associated with a school.

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