Nov 21 2014

Building regulations require that glass of a certain size should be enhanced with manifestation. The main purpose of these markings is to ensure that the glass is visible, as large panes or panels of glass, such as those used in doors and partitions can often be easy to detect.

After being completely rebuilt as part of a wider building project, the Green Lanes Methodist church in North London now boasted sleek floor to ceiling glazing as well as glass doors and partitions. To meet the necessary legislation, manifestation was required and The Window Film Company was approached to help.

The regulations dictate that glass must have clearly defined manifestation at two levels; between 850mm and 1000mm and between 1400mm and 1600mm above the floor. These locations ensure that the markings can be seen from all vantage points, serving to prevent accidents and damage. The other stipulation is that the manifestation must be created from a material that provides a suitable contrast between the glass and the background. The need for a contrast means that Frostbrite frosted film is the popular choice for manifestation.

When applied to glazing, Frostbrite provides the appearance of sand blasted or acid-etched glass meaning that the contrast is achieved in a stylish and contemporary way. The aesthetically pleasing nature of Frostbrite is especially important when it comes to manifestation as whilst the markings do need to be visible to comply, it’s equally important that they don’t detract from the style that large (and expensive) panes of glass provide.

The position and minimum size of manifestation is set out specifically in the building regulations, but there is always the opportunity to add a bespoke element to the markings applied to glass, allowing for the creation and application of manifestation that is in keeping with the individual appearance of each building. On this occasion, the church had identified a logo that they wanted to replicate and employ as their manifestation.

The Window Film Company is vastly experienced in the creation, supply and installation of manifestation, with an in-house graphics and print team on hand to assist with every stage of the process. On this occasion, the artwork was provided in a high resolution format enabling the preparation process to begin immediately. With over 40 linear metres of manifestation required, the design was computer cut from Frostbrite film, the technology ensuring the delivery of a perfect reproduction of the design each time. The manifestation was hand finished and checked before being sent out for installation by one of The Window Film Company’s fully trained teams of fitters.

The film was installed throughout the premises and once complete ensured that the church met the requirements of the building regulations without sacrificing the appearance of the new building.

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