Nov 28 2014

If you’re lucky enough to pay a visit to a hospitality suite or executive box at one of the countless sporting venues in the UK, you’ll know that the view you’re treated to is usually second to none. Most of these boxes benefit from a glass frontage, ensuring an uninterrupted view of the playing surface, but the presence of floor to ceiling glass also means that there are safety implications that must be adhered to…

Bath Rugby Club has been playing at The Recreation Ground since 1894. The stadium is one of the most picturesque in sport, situated right next to the River Avon with the famous Bath Abbey overlooking the 12, 200 capacity stadium. At one end of the ground, a bank of executive boxes provides an elevated view of the pitch, providing spectators with a superb vantage point. With each “box” glass fronted, The Window Film Company were asked to help make sure the glazing met all appropriate legislation was met.

Building Regulations stipulate that glass of a specific size and in certain “critical” locations must meet the safety standard BS EN 12600. In essence, this standard ensures that if glass does break, it does so in a safe fashion. This standard can be achieved with an application of specialist safety film, which works by holding the glass together in the event of breakage, preventing dangerous, sharp shards from falling in on themselves and causing potential damage or injury. The film can be retrofitted to glass, providing a cost effective alternative to expensive replacement glass.

Another requirement of building regulations is manifestation. These are markings placed on glass to make the glazing visible, thus preventing accidents. The manifestation, often created by cutting repeated patterns or solid bands from Frostbrite frosted film is required on glass partitions or doors at specified heights and intervals with the contrast provided by the film, ensuring that the glass is clearly visible.

The Executive Boxes at the Recreation Ground had both safety window film and manifestation in place, but the film was approaching the end of its effective life so The Window Film Company were brought in to remove and replace both elements.

In total, 24 large panes, each 1.2m x 1.8m in size had to have the existing safety film removed and fresh film installed. The film, an optically clear product, was effective immediately, providing the appropriate level of safety without obstructing the view of the playing surface. Upon completion, each panel was also fitted with a kitemark, indicating the glazing’s compliance with the appropriate regulation.

Over 30 linear metres of manifestation were applied across the glass, with two rows of 50mm Frostbrite dots installed to meet manifestation legislation.

With the Recreation Ground playing host to a busy schedule of top class rugby, the work was completed ahead of a strict deadline and whilst the upgrades to the glazing will be undetectable to the naked eye, the work to ensure that regulations and legislation were met was of vital importance.

Good luck to Bath for the rest of the season, and enjoy your trip to “The Rec” if you ever have the opportunity to take in a game there!

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