Dec 11 2015

One-way graphics are a fantastic way of raising brand awareness, giving the external face of glazing an eye-catching and professional appearance, without sacrificing the view from the inside. By utilising Contra Vision® technology, The Window Film Company were able to carry out such an installation at a Hertfordshire office recently.

Contra Vision is a patented series of products and print techniques that deliver high quality one-way graphics solutions. For this particular job, the film was to be applied to the external face of the glass, meaning that Contra Vision Performance™ was the appropriate product choice.

The Performance film is a perforated window film, with one side of the film starting life as plain white and the reverse coated in black. The graphics are printed onto the white side of the film, completely covering the surface with the chosen graphics. The holes are evenly spaced but very small, meaning that when the print is complete and the film applied, the perforations are not immediately obvious to the eye.

The reverse side is left untouched and when viewed, the eye naturally focuses on the view through the small holes. The eye naturally “joins the dots” and so automatically sees an uninterrupted view to the exterior. It is in effect a very simple but effective trick of the eye.

This job required the application of eleven large panels, covering a bank of second storey windows. The film was printed using state of the art print technology at The Window Film Company’s Chesham-based headquarters, where each section was finished and checked by hand, ensuring a perfect fit for each pane.

The film was then installed by one of The Window Film Company’s fully trained and vastly experienced fitting teams. The height of the glazing meant that a five metre scaffold tower was required to carry out the work, with all logistical details taken care of by the dedicated operations team. The work was carried out at a time and date agreed specifically to create the minimum of disruption to the office.

Once installed, the external appearance of the building took on a visually impressive new appearance, the full colour graphics serving to give the building an impressive, stylish and professional new look without sacrificing the view from inside.

For more details on the range of Contra Vision solutions offered by The Window Film Company, please contact a member of the team on 01494 794477 or email