Dec 04 2015

High Reflective Silver window film is a high performance product that can be used as a solution to a variety of year-round problems. A recent installation in Hampshire was undertaken to tackle problematic and disruptive instances glare.

The sun is usually a welcome sight, especially as we head into the depths of winter, but it can bring with unwanted side effects. Glare can be a serious issue all year round, with bright light making it difficult to focus on colleagues, machinery or screens. Constant exposure to glare can be painful and uncomfortable and lead to difficult working conditions.

Glare is a particular problem for premises with large numbers of windows and the low lying position of the winter sun can mean that the problem is exacerbated during late and early parts of the year. An application of specialist solar control film can serve to cut down on glare, filtering out the harshest of the sunlight without sacrificing too much valuable daylight.

When approached by a Hampshire based office, The Window Film Company were able to offer High reflective Silver as a high performance solution. The film gives the external face of the glass a sleek, stylish, mirrored effect, with the highly developed product serving to reduce glare by up to 81%. The film provides added benefits including UV protection – by blocking up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, this film will also help in the fight against fading.

For this particular project, it was a single horizontal strip of floor to ceiling glazing that required attention. The positioning of the glass meant that glare was a serious problem for those inside, with a particular section of glass responsible for the majority of the discomfort. With the film choice approved, it was installed by a team of The Window Film Company’s qualified installers, with each of the 15 panels installed using scaffolding equipment – the panes were almost 5 metres from floor level.

The film was installed to the internal face of the glass, ensuring the best possible film performance and lifespan. Once fitted the film was effective immediately, serving to deliver a more comfortable light level and creating an eye-catching and stylish external appearance.

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