Nov 27 2015

The Window Film Company has printed and installed a striking stained glass print onto a series of windows at a Leeds based church, delivering privacy and a beautiful new look.

Churches have long since been associated with ornate stained glass windows, but with the introduction of more modern buildings, many places of worship feature more standard glazing. A church in Wigton Moor, West Yorkshire benefitted from a large expanse of ground floor glass and whilst excellent for allowing natural light to pass into the premises, the large windows weren’t particularly aesthetically pleasing and didn’t afford the church much privacy.

The Window Film Company was delighted to be able to offer a solution.

Frostbrite frosted film is a durable and long lasting window film that when applied, gives the glass the appearance of acid etched or sandblasted glass. This effect prevents vision from both sides of the glass, whilst also delivering a stylish finish and appearance. The film also provides the ideal surface for printing, allowing for the reproduction of graphics, text or images on the surface of the film.

The church had a stained glass design that they wanted recreated on the film, the bright and colourful artwork providing an aesthetic overhaul with the privacy afforded by the film allowing them to take down the tired and unsightly net curtains that formed the precious privacy solution.

It was decided that the printed stained glass effect would form a centre piece, with the glazing to the left and right of the central panels covered in standard Frostbrite film. A total of 25 panels were to have film installed, with each panel carefully printed and finished by  The Window Film Company’s dedicated print and graphics department.

Each panel had to be precision finished to ensure that the pattern flowed correctly across each panel. The film was printed using state of the art wide format print technology, resulting in a bright, vivid and long lasting finish. With the film printed and cut, the panels were installed over a two day period by one of The Window Film Company’s fully trained and vastly experienced fitting teams. The height of the top section meant that a scaffold tower was required for access – these logistical considerations all taken into account and organised in advance by the operations department.

Once installed, the church took on a completely different look and atmosphere. Instead of unpleasant net curtains there was a sleek, stylish and bright bank of windows, with the stained glass effect befitting of the church. The plain Frostbrite film either side of the printed panes provided a smart finish, enhancing the appearance of the glass without sacrificing natural light whilst the  array of printed colours made for a bright, light and welcoming feel, whilst also delivering an element of much needed privacy.

For more information about printed graphics and the privacy solutions offered by the window Film Company, please contact a member of the team on 01494 794477 or email