Dec 15 2017

The Window Film Company regularly help to illustrate that with a little creativity and planning, a seemingly mundane legal requirement such as glass manifestation can be utilised to deliver a host of additional benefits.

Manifestation markings are required on glazing of a certain size to ensure that they are easily visible and are particularly vital in busy premises. A prime example is provided by a London based children’s nursery, where there was a requirement for manifestation on a large expanse of glazing at the front of their property. The Window Film Company were engaged to provide a multi-facetted solution.

The owners of the nursery were required by law to ensure that the manifestation conditions were met, but they were determined to turn an obligation into an opportunity. This is possible as while legislation clearly sets out a minimum size and location for manifestation, there is no restriction on how the markings should look. This provides a chance for organisations or individuals to design manifestation that doesn’t just meet the regulations, but also adds an extra element of style or functionality to the glass.

In this instance, there were two additional benefits. In deciding to create the manifestation by using  a custom created graphic, the manifestation would turn the window into an eye-catching, professional looking and welcoming display, projecting the stylish branding to passers-by, while also providing valuable information such as contact details and social media accounts. The height of the graphics delivered a further benefit – privacy for those inside.

After discussions with the client about the look required, it was agreed that the graphics would be printed onto Frostbrite frosted window film. It was also agreed that the graphics should be backed in white, ensuring the most vibrant exterior appearance possible. Each of the six individual panels was printed, cut and checked by the in-house print team, before being installed by one of The Window Film Company’s experienced fitting teams.

The finished project ensured that all manifestation requirements were met, but also that those working and playing inside were afforded privacy, while also delivering a memorable, fully branded and aesthetically pleasing large scale window display.

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