Apr 13 2018

Roof lights are a popular architectural feature; they deliver a stylish aesthetic finish, allow for plenty of natural light and deliver a welcome view to the exterior. As with all glazing however, left untreated they can pose problems, with excess heat high on that list.

This was the problem for a County Council building in the centre of Cambridge. The large premises benefits from roof glass throughout, with over 450 large panes helping to deliver a light and airy internal environment. The position of the glazing also meant that solar gain was a regular issue, when on sunny days the internal temperature would steadily rise, soon resulting in an uncomfortable environment.

The Window Film Company was approached to deliver a solution and due to the scale of the building and the potential logistical challenges, the first part of the project was to carry out a full site survey. The visit revealed that access to the internal face of the glass wouldn’t be a possible for all of the affected panes. A combination of height and position meant it was logistically impossible to safely reach every window and as such a decision was made to carry out an external application. This was made possible by excellent roof access and meant that the only outstanding decision was the choice of film.

Solar control window film works by reflecting away a percentage of the sun’s energy, preventing it from entering the property and adding to the building temperature. One of the most effective films in this situation is High Reflective Silver, a highly developed and advanced product that is available in both an internal and external grade, with the external version featuring an extra element of protection to safeguard it from the elements. In terms of performance, the film offers solar energy rejection of up to 78%, while also delivering glare reduction and protection against fading by filtering up to 99% of the sun’s potentially harmful UV rays.

Samples of the film were supplied, allowing the project managers to assess the appearance and functionality of the film at different times of day and in different conditions. With the film choice approved, The Window Film Company’s dedicated Operations team could begin work on organising the logistics and timing for installation.

With the timings agreed, the work was undertaken by a team of The Window Film Company’s installers, who methodically and carefully installed external High Reflective Silver to a total of 470 panels. Once fitted, the film was effective immediately, providing a sleek reflective external appearance while still allowing for excellent levels of natural light to pass through the glass and maintaining the view from the inside out.

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