Feb 02 2018

The serenity of a forest, a timeline featuring client names and logos and a floor to ceiling sized map of the South East. These three visuals were created using a range of different techniques and media to create an eye-catching and fully bespoke decorative solution.

The three elements may seem unconnected, but each served a distinct purpose in a specific location in the office. The full colour forest scene was designed to provide a sense of calm and wellbeing, delivering an area in which office staff could relax during hard earned breaks. Equally eye-catching was a floor to ceiling map graphic, colour coded to display the company’s area of operation. This provided not only an impressive decorative feature, but also serves as a handy reference tool for those working in the office.

Both features were created using digital wallpaper, a long lasting and durable product that can be applied with a paste free application process to almost any flat surface. The Window Film Company uses state of the art wide-format print technology to print directly onto the digital wallpaper, recreating graphics in pin-point accuracy and bright, vibrant colour.

Each panel of wallpaper was created to the exact required size, created, printed and checked by The Window Film Company’s in-house print and graphics team.

Elsewhere in the office, there was a requirement for manifestation markings. These markings are required under building regulations, with their purpose being to ensure glass of a certain size is clearly visible to the naked eye. In this instance, the markings were required on a number of glass partitions. While there are stipulations that dictate the minimum size and location of manifestation, there is no restriction on appearance other than any marking must be clearly distinguishable to the naked eye. This means that manifestation provides the opportunity to meet a functional need in a creative way.

The client provided two different pieces of artwork for this part of the project. The first variation featured the company logo, while the second depicted a timeline, detailing when the company began working with some of its major clients. Both designs were created by precision cutting the designs from Frostbrite frosted film.

Frosted window film is the ideal choice for manifestation as once installed it provides the necessary contrast between the glass and the background. It can also be computer cut to feature designs and patterns, is long lasting and durable while also providing a contemporary and stylish finish.

The wallpaper and film was installed by a team of The Window Film Company’s experienced and fully qualified fitters, leaving behind them an office transformed.

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